Thursday, April 17, 2014

Challenge Thursday {photo}

Hello everyone, this is Shauna one of Trixie’s Stars and today I am here to give you this month’s photo challenge.  I decided that I wanted to see some spring this week.  I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for spring!!!  Everything is starting to turn green here and the flowers are beginning to bloom.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing those first bluebonnets every year.  So your challenge for this week is to scrap a photo (or more) of spring.  It can be like mine and be flowers, but maybe it is your kids in the park, spring cleaning or even a spring storm.

I used Love in the Garden Value Bundle for my page because I love the bright spring like colors, also because the blues worked well with my bluebonnet photo.  This kit is fun and a great one for your stash!!!

Now it is time for you to get scrapping and let me see what you create. Make sure you share your pages with us in the Trixie Scraps Gallery, because we love seeing what you do. Plus you could win a little something from Trixie’s store!!!!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Hello scrappers!  It's time again for our weekly recap here on the TS blog.

Berniek brought a word challenge to us on Thursday.

On Saturday, Shilo showcased some great layouts using Day of Grace.

Shilo was back again with the newest Special Request Sunday contest.

And on Monday, Shilo was back with a great photo editing tutorial on how to keep your aspect ratio when cropping a photo.

Have a great week, and happy scrapping!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Take $2 Tuesday {Day of Grace and Cool Clusters Vol 2}

Happy Tuesday! Today's Tuesday deal is Day of Grace for just $2 and the coordinating Brag Book, Gingham Papers and BlogWear for just $1 each. Today's $2 template pack is Cool Clusters vol 2


I love this page by Mary Kate. It's so soft and sweet.


Carrin did a beautiful job layering all the greenery and flowers on her layout.


I don't usually use a lot of flowers on my boy layouts but couldn't resist with this kit!!


Kris used the template pack to put together this gorgeous page.


These deals are good for today only so don't delay!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Master's Monday: Keeping Aspect Ratio When Cropping A Photo

I used to be a bad cropper, and I admit, at times I still am. I would just crop down the image to what I really wanted in the picture and I didn't think much about it. Until I tried printing it off and then I had major issues. It just wouldn't print right. It was either too small or too big and what it did print was at odd angles. Then I discovered how to keep the aspect ratio when you crop a photo.


With Easter coming up I thought I'd work with pictures from Easter a few years ago. My mother-in-law loves getting pictures and had the idea to just take them herself. Somehow she came up with a painted background and we went to work. Well you'll see that our pictures are obviously less than professional.


So let's fix this image so that all we have is the kids and none of the background noise that's going on.

After you open your picture, click on your CROP tool. From there right click on your photo. It should bring up a window like in the below picture and make sure RULE OF THIRDS is checked.


When you have RULE OF THIRDS all set up, we are ready to go.

You should already be working with the CROP tool, so go ahead and look at the option bar towards the top of your screen.


It's hard to see in the photo above, but we're going to be working with PRINT SIZE and you also want to make sure you check SPECIFY PRINT SIZE which will automatically tick the MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO option.

So then we'll enter the print size we want to work with. For this tutorial I am working with a 4x6 option. So I made sure those were the dimensions I entered and made sure I had SPECIFY PRINT SIZE checked. Then no matter how I moved my crop rectangle it stayed in a 4x6 ratio.


I put my crop square where I wanted in my photo and made sure I dragged the edges to make sure I had the area I wanted and then cropped it.


Suddenly, I have a picture with the important things in it and none of the fluff. And to make sure it stayed true to a 4x6 size, I went into the RESIZE option on my main tool bar and when the window opened, I made sure it was still 4x6.


So that one was easy, but what if you have a photo that can be cropped either way. Well, let me show you.

Here's our original.


We follow the same steps as above and enter the 4x6 size in the OPTIONS still making sure our SPECIFY PRINT SIZE is checked.


We end up with this image.


I double checked myself again by looking into the RESIZE menu and sure enough it is still 4x6.


What if you want to change the direction of the photo from horizontal to vertical. This is easy. Again we start with our CROP tool. But now we will right click on our image and we should get a little menu popup. We want to select ROTATE CROP RECTANGLE.


See our rectangle is rotated.


We do everything as before. Moving our rectangle to the part of the photo we really want.


And then, tada!


Then always double check your work before printing or working with the photo.


Making sure you keep the aspect ratio when you crop your photos will save you a lot of heartache in the end. It will also make it easier to copy and paste your photo into templates and frames.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Special Request Sunday

It seems like it's been FOREVER since our last Special Request Sunday, so thank goodness it's that time of month again. Today is the where all you have to do is answer a question and you automatically get a chance to win a kit you've been eyeing.

Last month I asked you what you'd do if you found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. From the answers it sounds like we all want to pay off our houses and take a vacation. I'm all in. I loved everyone's answers, but gave us our winner:


Congratulations Jennifer!

Here's what Jennifer would earn her hard earned gold on:

"I'd pay off student loans, the house, the cars, and take a Disney vacation. For a smaller pot, I'd order photo books I've been meaning to have printed."

Jennifer, Social Butterfly will be coming your way soon. Keep an eye out! Please reply to this post or shoot me an email at thelethargicpoet(at)gmail(dot)com with your email address so that we can get your kit sent to you. Also, quickly fill out a help ticket here, to help you get your kit quicker.


Spring is absolutely my favorite time of the year. I really enjoy how fresh and clean the world starts to look. I enjoy the smell of rain and seeing rainbows afterwards. I love that I can be outside without getting too hot or too cold. So my question for you this month is, what is your favorite thing about Spring?

Let me know what your favorite thing about Spring is and you might just be the lucky soul next month that wins the kit they've been eyeing. Please make sure to include your email addresses in your answers, so that when you win we can get your kit out to you.

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