Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Timinator

I white-lied! Found one more layout I did some months ago that is comprised mostly of Susan's wonderful digi designs. This is a layout I did to celebrate my goofy younger brother, Tim :)

Full credits can be found immediately following the layout. The papers are from Susan's kit Fall Festival which can be downloaded for FREE on her blog:


Green, Stripe & Check papers - Fall Festival, Raspberry Road
Burlap - Burlap Buddies, Raspberry Road (recolored)
Wire oval - resized circle from Raspberry Goodness

Staples and wire mesh - unknown
Pinked Edge template -

Fonts: VT Bulletin (journaling strips), Blackout (Date), Terminator Two (Title)

This layout can also be found on the Raspberry Girls CT blog and in my gallery at DST. With that, I am officially DONE for the night and going to bed! Thanks for looking and leaving some love! Y Tracy

Saturday, January 12, 2008

In 5 Years

OK, this is my last Raspberry Girls layout of the night - this layout is more about the journaling.... on our five-year anniversary, my hubby and I sat down and made a list of the things we hoped our next five years together would hold in store for us... this layout documents our hopes, wishes and dreams from that night! Once again, I've used an unexpected kit for this layout - Raspberry Road's Christmas of Olde, which can be downloaded for FREE from Susan's blog here. I did have to adjust the hue of the blue elements used slightly in order to have them more closely match my husband's shirt, but this should demonstrate for you just how versatile Susan's kits are! Here is the layout, followed by the remainder of the credits:

Raspberry Road Items:
Plaid, blues (hue adjusted) and textured paper from Christmas of Olde
Burlap from Burlap Buddies (opacity reduced slightly)
Ribbon - Christmas of Olde (recolored)
Glitter brackets - Christmas of Olde (hue adjusted)

Other items:
Alpha - Josh kit by Digitreats (recolored)
Tag - Creative Memories SB+ shape tool (clipped from Burlap paper noted above)
Font - MichaelJamesNelson downloaded from the internet
Layout based on a Pencil Lines sketch

This layout can also be found on the Raspberry Girls CT blog and in my DST gallery. Thanks for looking and leaving some love! Y Tracy

To Love & To Cherish

Here is the second of my Raspberry Girl layouts to share today. Nearly all the elements in this layout come from Susan's Raspberry Goodness kit. You'll likely be seeing more layouts from me using this wonderful kit, since the colors perfectly complement photos I took at my cousin's wedding in September and I have LOTS of pages I'll be doing! She was a very beautiful (and young!) bride and she could not have been blessed with a more beautiful wedding day - Susan's Raspberry Goodness kit complements all my memories of the day perfectly! You can download this HUGE collection of 3 paper packs and 2 element packs for FREE on Susan's blog here. Now for the layout and credits:

Flower, Chipboard Heart, Heart Stickpin, "Beautiful tag," Photo corners, leaf element, green bow, raspberry ribbon, silver cording, and all papers - from "Raspberry Goodness" kit (Some items recolored as needed)

Overlay from "Enchanted" pack by Erica Hite of

"Love" and "Cherish" - Creative Memories "Daily Inspiration" kit

This layout is also posted in my DST gallery and on the Raspberry Girls CT Blog. Thanks for looking and leaving some LOVE! Y Tracy

Puppy Love

Yeah! Here is my first layout as a new Raspberry Girl CT member. It took a bit to get over my scrapper's block and get back in the groove, but I think I'm back :) This is a layout of me and one of my dogs, using mostly the fabulous "Away in a Manger" collection papers - proving that a layout doesn't have to be about Christmas to use this fabulous kit. You can find the papers and elements of this FREEBIE collection on Susan's blog here. Now, for my layout:

Here are the credits for this page:
From Raspberry Road Designs:
Background paper (pink, brown and stripe) Away in a Manger
Paw prints & Hearts - my own designs clipped from plaid/stripe papers (Away in a Manger) and a selection of pinks (Alive & Kicking)
Photo turns - Country Cuddles
Stitching - Flea Market Chic (recolored)
Ribbon wrap - Away in a Manger

Other items:
"love" - Bliss kit by Ellie Lash, Sugar Snap Scraps
Date Stamp - It's a Date Stamp Combo by Teriann Hanks
"Sweet" heart charm - Felty Dog collection by Christine Stone, Calico Designs
Fonts: ddWide (Donna Downey) and Yearbook Outline (downloaded from the internet)
Layout based on a January '08 sketch from Page Maps

This layout is also posted on the Raspberry Girls CT blog here and in my DST Gallery. THANKS for LOOKING and leaving some love! Y Tracy

First fun announcement...

S0, you all know how positively addicted I've become to digi scrapping, right? Well, I've been a busy little beaver applying for CT positions (CT meaning Creative Team) and I've been accepted to not one..... not two.... but three!! And, now my time is full, so this is where I'll be stopping for the time being.

I've previously mentioned the first team I was accepted to, as a Cre8tv Girl for Gina Arzaga of Cre8tvLyYrs Designz, as well as posted a couple layouts back in November for that team. I have to get back to designing with some new kits I have from Gina and I promise to show some things off soon!

But, this post comes to officially announce one of my NEW positions as a "Raspberry Girl" for Raspberry Road Designs. Now, not to show favortism or anything, but Raspberry Road (designer Susan Darter) is quite possibly my favorite digi designer, probably because her style most closely resembles what I am naturally drawn to. I've been collecting freebies from Susan since I first started digi scrapping in September and I must say I have a pretty full collection of her pretties! So, I am way excited about this new position and can't wait to show you all some of the things her designs inspire me to create. But, for right now, I wanted to share the layout our CT coordinator, Cheryl, created to announce all the new CT members:

I'm really looking forward to working with these 8 ladies (and Susan!) to show off all her fabulous designs. So, now to share some links with you all...

First and foremost is the link for Susan's blog and store
Secondly, the link for our CT blog - this is where we will be showing off the CT's layouts, as well as make announcements about page challenges, freebies, new kits, you name it. Come by and check it out - the other ladies have already been busily scrapping away and posting lots of gorgeous layouts.
And finally, for now, the link to our Raspberry Road Designs forum - a place for you to interact with other Raspberry Road devotees, share your own work, enter challenges and contests - come on over and join the fun! Our first challenge has already been posted by Jill and you can find more info on it at the forum here. There will be a PRIZE for the winner of this challenge - here's a preview of Annie's Cottage:

I'll be back shortly with my first two layouts created for this new CT position. And, I'll be joining the page challenge with all of you! So, when I have my page complete, I'll share that as well. Looking forward (and hoping) to inspire you all to purchase and download some of Susan's kits to enjoy for your own designs :) Y Tracy

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One Little Word

If it wasn't already apparent, I am very inspired by Ali Edwards and her blog. Last year, she had a "word for the year" which she focused on, worked on and used as her inspiration. I'm not doing it justice as I struggle with a decongestant-clouded brain to explain it. Get the skinny here.

So, while I read Ali's column in CK avidly, and had taken a couple classes with her at last year's S.A.V.E. and purchased her book and other fun things, I came into the whole blog scene rather late in the game and missed the whole bit about "One Little Word" at the beginning of 2007. An official blog addict as of the start of 2008, I am now getting it.... I've chosen my word.... and its a HUGE step out of my box to share it.... After giving the whole project much thought and considering at least a dozen different words, my heart keeps coming back to the same word... as much I try to run and hide from it, I know my word for this year has to be:

FAITH: allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty; fidelity to one's promises; sincerity of intentions; belief and trust in and loyalty to God; firm belief in something for which there is no proof; complete trust

While parts of my life are amazing, fulfilling, wonderful and happy... there are also many areas of my life in which I am unsettled, unhappy, worried, fearful, sad... from constant worries over finances and doubts of the future success of our business.... to our 5-year ongoing and painful struggle with infertility... to my mounting concerns over my failed attempts to make faith a more important part of our life and marriage.... and right down to the way I treat my own body. As I said, as much as I'd like to avoid it, I know I will be on a faith journey this year. It's about so much more than resting on God... its just about everything. Sometime after I got married, I started to lose my grip on my faith and I'm just not whole without it. So, this year is all about me rediscovering my faith and how it applies to my life and makes it whole..

I'll be talking alot about it this year and would love to know if my readers decide to choose a word along with me, Ali Edwards, and thousands of her readers. Drop me a comment and let me know what your word is, along with a link to your blog so I can keep up on your journey as I walk mine. If you need some inspiration, Ali has posted a huge list of her readers' words here. And finally, thanks to Ali for inspiring me to do this in 2008 - something tells me life will look very different this time next year and I'll owe her a big debt of gratitude for encouraging me to reach out and stretch myself in ways I've been reluctant to in the past. Y Tracy

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger...

I know, I know.... not much of a blog if you don't stop by every now and then and post, right? Humble apologies.... life is nuts, what can I say?

We had a lovely holiday season - I think we most enjoyed our Christmas Eve celebration here at home because it was low-key, low-stress, unhurried and nice quality time with (most of) my immediate family. My grandfather had come up from Florida for the holidays and is staying with us through the 3rd week of this month (or so). I am loving having him here, having time to bond and learn more about him.... he wasn't a part of my childhood, for the most part.... but, being honest, he is also a bit of a distraction... hence, my lack of blogging, scrapping, and all other things I need to be getting done. Plus, I went to a friend's house the weekend before last (I think?) came down with her cold several days later and have myself been lifeless for four or five days, now.... finally starting to feel better today....

So, what do I need to fill you all in on.....??? Hubby's fledgling business ended up having a very decent holiday sales season. I was really worried in November when things weren't picking up.... concerned that in our current economy, sports collectibles and memorabilia were just luxuries that people couldn't or wouldn't be shopping for. But, from December 1st through Christmas, this house was a LOONY BIN. Hubby and I would see each other for just a couple hours a day (if that), have about a half hour to talk before bed and then CRASH. In the final week or 10 days prior to Christmas, I started to wonder if it was worth it.... thank GOD (literally) for my friend Lisa and her 10-yr-old son Richie... not only did they come and help us by putting in a few days/evenings of work, she helped me wrap Christmas gifts and just generally helped me smile and stay sane through it all. Her friendship is one of my biggest surprises and BLESSINGS of 2007... love ya, Lise!

So, things continued to develop and turn in my scrapping world throughout last month, in addition to some new happenings in the works now. It's frankly too much stuff to let it all out of the bag in just one post, so I'll spread all the news out over the coming week or so. I'll have a bunch of fun things to tell you about, many of which I'm REALLY excited about. I need to get "back on the horse" and get some work done - I feel like everything is going really great when it comes to my career aspirations, except for the fact that I haven't scrapped a page in FOREVER! And, I know I promised pixs of all my holiday projects... that promise is likely going unfulfilled, regretfully, because I was so rushed getting things done, I don't think I took pictures of ANY of it! :( Maybe I'll have some cute shots of the recipients opening things.... when I get around to editing the Christmas pics, I'll let you know...

So, just 10 more days or so until S.A.V.E. is here and I can't wait. Four days of scrapping with my mom and two of my best gal pals, plus 200-some-odd other ladies. I'll say it again... I can't wait! Needless to say, I'll be spending the next 10 days getting caught up on work, packing and getting ready to make the most of my 4 days of freedom. So, I'll be back soon with the first bit of my exciting news.... thanks for reading and leave me some comments if you were here! :) Y Tracy