Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been tagged!

So, I am the WORST blogger EVER (seriously) and haven't been here in more than a month... Good thing for cyber friends like Ellie who take the time to tag me and force me to come here and write something, huh? :) By the way, after you read these seven random things about me, do be sure to head over to Ellie's Blog and check out her wonderful digi designs - she is one of my top five favorite designers because her stuff RAWKS!

This is fun - the first time I've ever been blog tagged! :) OK, so, first I'm supposed to post the rules:

Now, 7 Random things about me....
1. Last year, I got the sudden urge to learn how to knit. Some Christmas presents and You Tube videos later, I had taught myself to do it. I made my first sweater (for my nephew) within two months of learning. I'm now teaching myself to crochet, too.

2. I'm terrified of bridges and tunnels (of the underwater variety, normally). Hubby made the mistake of taking me on the lower level of the GWB once and I think the panic attack that ensued was enough to convince him he should never do THAT again.

3. I'll eat ketchup, tomato sauce, salsa, even the ocassional bruschetta.... but, don't come near me with a slice of raw tomato.... blech!

4. I've read all the books in the "Left Behind" series and found them completely riveting and fascinating.... however, I'm often too afraid to recommend them to others for fear of being judged for my beliefs.

5. I abhor Hillary Clinton and did a happy dance when I found out she bowed out of the race for the democratic candidacy.

6. I have a hefty crush on Jon Bon Jovi.... you can take the girl out of Jersey.... well, you know how it ends ;) Oh, and on a related note.... if I was about 5-7 years younger than I am (and not married), I would TOTALLY follow David Cook around the country like a lovesick puppy dog, screaming like he was a Beatle every time he came on stage! lol

7. Let's end on what my whole family (except me) would consider a funny note.... When I was a teenager, my brother hit me in the forehead, right between the eyes, with a petrified jelly bean shot out of a homemade "pea shooter." It's the stuff of legends, to hear my family tell it.... all these years later, I STILL don't have a sense of humor about it.... :)

OK, there you have it.... 7 Random (and often silly) facts about me! Now, I'm supposed to tag some people and the lucky duckies are:

Nicole, Krista, Cherie, Rollie, Marla, Jenn and Cheryl. Oh, do be sure to stop and enjoy the DC tunes when you go to Cheryl's blog! (Girl, that was a ROCKING fun little diversion today!)