Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I wanted to take one last chance to wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too! I hope your holiday will be magical and filled with joy and happiness :)

Here is the final reveal of the complete mini kit freebie I've been giving away the last week or so. I've also recapped all the links for you below, just in case you missed one or two of them! I'll be back after Christmas to tell you all who the final winner of "Santa's Workshop" is. Thank you so much for all your comments and love this past week... it has truly brightened my days and lifted my holiday spirits. I love my readers - you're all the best!

Merry Christmas!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

8 Days of Christmas, part eight

Hi and Merry Christmas Eve! Wow, I can hardly believe Christmas is almost here! I hope you are all done with your Christmas preparations and can turn your attention to enjoying the holiday with those you love most :) This afternoon, we'll be headed to my in-laws to spend Christmas Eve with them. Tomorrow, we're hosting Christmas Day here at home with my relatives - I'm looking forward to the family time!

Now, just a couple people left me comments with a link to a layout using one of my kits. I picked names from a hat and Christie (Christie's Digi World) is my second winner of the FREE Santa's Workshop kit! Congrats, Christie, and thanks for sharing the link to your layout - I loved seeing it! As a matter of fact, I love it anytime you all share links with me, so please feel free to do that anytime! Christie, please email me with your email address so I can get back to you with your coupon code!

I decided I want to give my Santa's Workshop kit away to one more lucky person. How do you win today, you ask? Well, I'd love to hear about your favorite family Christmas traditions. What do you and yours love to do to celebrate? Leave me a comment and you just might be my winner! And do you know that just today I realized I never introduced my Santa's Workshop kit properly? Blame it on the holiday craziness - I thought I posted a preview, but I never did! So, just so you know what you are trying to win... lol. Here is a preview of Santa's Workshop (images are clickable).

The paper preview:

The element preview:

And finally, the alpha!

My favorite tradition is our annual drive to look at Christmas lights. When I was a child, my parents took me and my siblings to do this every year. There was one particular house we always LOVED to visit - the gentleman who owned the house was reputed to be an Elvis impersonator and he had a HUGE yard completely covered (front and back) in lights, lawn ornaments and Christmas decorations. He even had a Marilyn Monroe figure on his roof! It was a delightfully tacky spectacle that we children found to be nothing short of magical :) Now that I am married, I have continued the tradition with my husband (which was a tradition in his family during his childhood, too). Since hubby runs a retail business and this is a crazy time of year when one is in retail, we don't always get around to our Christmas light viewing on the same day every year - but, we always manage to squeeze it in somewhere and it is one of my favorite traditions. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a trip to see the beautiful light displays around and about :)

OK, so send me comments with your favorite traditions for the final opportunity to win "Santa's Workshop." And without further ado, here is your Day 8, and final, mini kit download. I truly hope you've enjoyed the kit and that in my own small way, I was able to impart some of the magic of Christmas to you. Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

8 Days of Christmas, part seven

Wow!! I have to say I've really loved the comments you've been leaving on my blog every day... it has done my heart good :)

Unfortunately, no one left me a link yesterday using my kits! :( So, no winner to announce today... but, I will give it one more day, just because I love seeing what you do with my kits :) So, last chance - submit some layout links and you could win Santa's Workshop!

Now, on to your download for Day Seven - I'll see you tomorrow for Christmas Eve and the final download!


Monday, December 22, 2008

8 Days of Christmas, part six

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to stop by every day and leave me such nice comments - I really appreciate them! First things first, I want to announce the winner of my "Santa's Workshop" kit, whom I chose from amongst the great recipes that were submitted here in my comments. The lucky winner, according to is.... MOLLIE!!!


Mollie, I've left a comment on your blog - can't find your email anywhere, so if you could please email me, I can get a coupon code to you - CONGRATS!

I am feeling in a giving mood today, so I want to give the Santa's Workshop kit to another lucky person. Today, I would like you to leave me a link to a layout you've done with one of my kits or freebies. When you do that, I will enter your name in the drawing and one more lucky person will win "Santa's Workshop!"

Now, here is your Day 6 download... only two more days to go and you'll have the whole mini kit! See you tomorrow! :)


Sunday, December 21, 2008

8 Days of Christmas, part five

Wow! Thanks for all the great recipes you submitted yesterday! I will definitely be trying some of those in the near future :) I am going to give it one more day before I choose a winner of my Santa's Workshop kit. So, watch for that announcement tomorrow!

My holiday preparations are almost complete... just a few last minute things to do here at home and then I hope to get some rest before the big day arrives. I hope you are all finding chances to catch your breath! :)

Here is your Day Five download. ENJOY!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

8 Days of Christmas, part four

Hi and welcome to Day Four! Can you believe there are just five days until Christmas? AAAAHHHH!!! I have so much to finish, I don't know where to begin...

On today's agenda, I think I am going to continue wrapping gifts and then I might do some cookie baking, which is a BIG tradition in my family. My hubby's favorite cookies are these light and delicious "Christmas Meringues" which his grandma used to make him every year. Sadly, my DH's grandma died just a few months before I met my husband. She was an important part of his life and he really loved and admired her. I wish I had a chance to know her... but, I am thrilled I can continue one of her traditions and make the cookies her beloved grandson loves so much!

Sooooo... that brings me to today's question... what is YOUR favorite cookie recipe? Leave me a comment with your favorite recipe and I will enter you in a drawing to win my "Santa's Workshop" kit for FREE! And, without further ado, here is your Day 4 download - hope you are enjoying the mini kit so far!


Friday, December 19, 2008

8 Days of Christmas, part three

On the third day of Christmas.... lol.... more holiday preparations in store for me today. I have to finish putting out my indoor decorations and then move on to some present wrapping. How are you spending your day? If you are here to download, I sure would love to hear from you - it gets lonely in the blogosphere sometimes!

Here is your Day 3 download - enjoy!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

8 Days of Christmas, part two

Hello again - hope you all enjoyed yesterday's download of my "Eight Days of Christmas" mini kit freebie! I'm going to keep this post short and get right down to the important stuff - today's download!

Hope you are all weathering the holiday craziness as best you can - for me, today I hope to (finally!) mail out my Christmas cards... not too late this year, huh?? Here is Day 2 of your download - ENJOY!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 Days of Christmas??

Hello everyone! As my post title suggests, I am going to break with tradition a bit! I *just* finished my Christmas kit this evening and I've packaged up a mini kit of items to give to all my readers for FREE! I had hoped to have this done days ago (and have a traditional 12 days of giveaways)... but, since it took me FOREVER to finish this kit, I've condensed it into EIGHT! Sound good? I hope so... by the way, I still have to finish the preview for the full kit and get it into my store - I'll post all the details on that when its all finished up!

So, for the next eight days (from today until Christmas Eve), I will be giving away a piece of this mini kit daily. Each day, I'll reveal a little bit more of the preview... for now, its a mystery! This mini kit is whimsical and fun - I am sure you will love it, so make sure you stop by every day to pick up the next piece! Consider it my thanks for your readership and for supporting my fledgling design efforts! The first day's download is all ready to go - click on the preview or link below to download and ENJOY!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Introducing my new Creative Team!

Well, I am so happy to say I have finally assembled my permanent Creative Team! These ladies are all so talented - I am so happy and lucky to have them working for me! Since you'll be seeing lots of layouts from them, I thought I'd take a second to introduce each of them and let my readers and customers get to know each of them a little!


First up is the talented Barbara:

I am a blissfully married mom with one extremely energetic, adorable boy named Gabe. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but presently live in Kentucky and will soon be moving back to Connecticut. I work full time from my home as a Helpdesk Analyst for an insurance company which is great because it allows me to be at home with Gabe. In my free time I enjoy reading, photography and digital scrapping. I started scrapbooking in June 2008 and have been addicted since. I have never done traditional paper scrapbooking; partly because you need the space to work but mostly because I feel more at home in front of a computer where I can erase, undo, and edit what I do not like and not to mention I'm a safety hazard with scissors! My scrapping style is uncluttered and organized. Most of my favorite layouts include the color red! I love scrapbooking because it allows me to scrap "moments in time". I hope to one day look back at what I have scrapped and be taken back in time to those exact moments.

Next is the sweet and energetic Bree:

I'm a 29 year old mom to 2 kids, 4yo girl and a 1yo boy. I am happily married and we live in a house of sugar in a city of salt. :} lol Its actually a suburb called Sugarhouse in the Salt Lake valley in Utah. :} I love to scrap and make tags with scraps. My sister is a photographer and supplies me with great outdoor scenery shots. I love old cars and retro stuff.

Then, we have Jen... I know Jen as one of Ellie Lash's customers - I had long admired her scrapping style, and then the Angels brought her on board and I was thrilled! It was a no-brainer that she had to be part of my team, too:

Hi, I’m Jen. I am so excited to be a part of Tracy’s Creative Team. I started digi-scrapping in November 2007, and got to know Tracy as a fellow "Ellie's Angel." I am a stay-at-home mom and absolutely love to scrapbook pictures of my 2 kids.

Next, my friend Melanie, who is also an Ellie's Angel! Melanie is also a designer in her own right, designing under the name "Pixie Keepsakes." We just finished the NieNie collab kit together:

Hi, this is Melanie coming to you from sunny (and hot) Arizona! I have been married for 8 years to my wonderful husband. We have 4 children, Hunter 13, Hayden 7, Hensley 4 and my baby Landon is 1!!! I am lucky enough to have a salon business out of my home so that I can work and stay home with my children. I have been digital scrapbooking since 2005 and love everything about it! I love the creative outlet, the fabulous scrapbooking community and the friends that I have made through this industry.

Then, we have the lovely Nicole:

Hi there! I'm a twenty-something English teacher originally from the great state of New Hampshire. I just celebrated my one-year anniversary with my husband, a fighter pilot in the USAF. I have lived in four countries in the last two years: the US, England, Germany, and South Korea. It's a good thing I love to travel! My favorite vacation spots include Venice, Rome, London, Chamonix, the French and Mayan Rivieras, and any tropical island. Besides digi-scrapping and traveling, some of my hobbies include reading (currently Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth), knitting, cooking, and shopping. I'm honored and excited to be chosen as one of Tracy's CT members, and I can't wait to get started!

And last, but certainly not least, my #1 fan, Sarah! Sarah has been following my blog since I started designing and my team would not be complete without her!

First, thank you Tracy, for picking me to be a part of your Creative Team. I feel so privelaged and amazed to have been chosen. Second, a little about me (if you really want to know). I am ME, 33 years of age, living in San Diego, CA. I am married to a great guy (8 years and running) who still takes the time to make my coffee in the morning. I am MOM to two boys, ages 7 and 3. I have two super cute doggies who are always in my layouts. I started paper scrapping about 6 years ago. I have quite the collection of stuff to show for it and not that many LO's. How I found digi is not how most of us found it - I started looking around for cool fonts and designs while creating my own website to sell my crafts. I wanted my site to reflect the scrap style that my product had. I stumbled upon the Shabby Princess site and downloaded one kit... but after reading the TOU, determined I couldn't use it. So I signed up with HP and Sony and started taking their FREE online classes on digi scrapping because I wanted to learn to make my own paper. And here I am... never finished the website, fell in love with digi and don't like to design - but love to scrap!

So, there you have it! The whole team :) I have a few other ladies still in mind that I will be offering guest spots to, so if you applied and weren't chosen, please know I've saved your application for the current and/or future guest calls. I want to thank everyone that applied - I was overwhelmed with all the talent! I feel very lucky to have had such a great pool of scrappers to choose from :)

I will be adding links to the CT members blogs to my sidebar shortly - please take a sec to leave these ladies a welcome comment here, or stop by their blogs and leave a congrats! And to Melanie, Jen, Sarah, Nicole, Barbara and Bree... I'm so happy to have you all and uber excited to be working with you all! WELCOME to the team!


Released two new kits today and a new Freebie!

Good evening, everyone! I have two new kits in the store to tell you about tonight, plus a brand new freebie for you all! Read on for details...

First up is a charity collab kit I just finished with my friend Melanie (Pixie Keepsakes). This kit will benefit the Stephanie and Christian Nielson recovery fund. Stephanie and Christian were in a horrible private plane crash in August that left both of them severely burned. Melanie and I have been following their family, their story, and their recovery, as the blogging world has come together to support them, lift them up, and help them through this time. Their medical bills will be much more than their insurance will cover... thus, the fundraising efforts. Our kit sells for $6 and 100% of our profits will be donated to Stephanie and Christian. We most appreciate your purchase and support of our desire to help out the Nielson family! Here are some previews of the kit, available now at Sunshine Studios by clicking on one of the previews below:

Paper preview:

Element preview:

Then, I have a brand new, pretty, girly kit in the store tonight, too! Introducing "For the Girls," a 20-paper, 60+ element kit in shades of pink, yellow, purple and light blue. Everything about this kit is "girly" - from the swiss dots and floral patterns to the flower, butterfly and glitter elements! You're going to love scrapping with this pretty, feminine kit. And, from now until December 31st, when you purchase the full kit, you'll receive the collection of coordinating Quickpages for FREE! The free Quickpages will be automatically included with your download links - but only until December 31st - don't miss it! Here are some linked previews of "For the Girls."




OK, are you still with me? WHEW! That was a lot of previews to wade through! But, if you're still here, I'm about to reward you with my latest freebie, an additional Quickpage made from my new "For the Girls" kit. Click on the preview below to download it. Please remember to leave me a comment before you zip off to download that freebie - and, it goes without saying that I appreciate your purchases of my kits, which allows me to keep designing and offering freebies, too! Thanks for stopping by today - I'll be back soon to introduce my brand new Creative Team - and they ROCK! :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Charity Kit at Sunshine Studio Scraps

Hi all! I just wanted to pop in quickly today to tell you about a new charity collab kit just released by ViVa Artistry, one of my fellow designers at Sunshine Studio Scraps. The kit was designed by Vivie and Vanessa to benefit Vanessa's hometown area in South Brazil (Santa Catarina state), which was recently struck by heavy rains, mud slides and floods, killing hundreds and leaving thousands of people without their homes. For more information on the disaster, you can click here.

100% of ViVa's profits from "After the Rain" will be donated to the Brazilian Red Cross. This is a full kit (9 papers, 1 alpha and about 30 elements) and it's only $3.00. Here are some previews of the kit - click on one of them to find this worthwhile purchase in the Sunshine store and thanks for supporting this cause of one of my fellow designers!