Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daily Download, May 31st - Make a Wish!

So, we have officially come to the end of the road with the Daily Download of this awesome kit! It was such a pleasure to collab with Amber of Stolen Moments on this! We're both very proud of how the whole thing came out and we hope you LOVE it!

By now, you have probably figured out that the theme of our kit was a birthday celebration and here I must thank Amber - it was my birthday on May 27th, and she happily obliged me when I suggested the birthday theme for the kit! The color palette was Amber's genius and it was so much fun to work with! So, I'd like to officially show you the preview of this fabulous kit, which we have called "Make a Wish!"

Now, I have a couple download links for you today. Because of all the commotion with our former store closing, Amber and I were aware that some of you were unable to grab a few days of the downloads. So, we're offering a "LAST CHANCE" download day today! Below you will find a download link for just today's part, as well as download links for the WHOLE ENTIRE KIT. But!! Act fast, as I am only leaving them up for 24 hours. After 11am on June 1st, all the links will be disabled and this kit will be placed in my store at Inspiration Lane. So, this really is your LAST CHANCE to complete your kit if you've been following along here :)

First up, here is today's download! If you only need the final day, you can click on the #31 below to download - today, you'll be downloading the second alpha for the kit. ENJOY!!

Now, if you missed any parts of the kit, you may download the entire thing below and you'll be able to sort out what you're missing when you unzip it! Here are the download links for the entire kit:

******Thank you - The downloads have expired******

Thanks for spending this month with Amber and I, downloading "Make a Wish!" We hope it will serve all your birthday scrapping needs for a long time to come! If you missed it while it was free, you can still purchase it from my store here!!
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