Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Store, a Sale and a Blog Train - WOW!!!

Hello everyone!! Well, this blog post is going to be busting at the seams with info - but, there's a freebie at the end, so hang with me!!

First off, I wanted to officially announce the first of my "new homes" - I have signed on as a designer with Inspiration Lane and I have to say, I am thrilled about it! A whole bunch of the displaced DC designers have moved to Inspiration Lane with me, including Christie Lemmon, Steel City Scraps, simply.scraps, Brandy Designs and MORE! In all, I think there is like 10 or 12 of us who have moved there. SOOOOO - all you loyal DC ladies, please follow us on over - we'd love to see you get the place hopping even more than it already does!

My store officially opens this Saturday, May 23rd. AND... May 27th is my birthday. So, guess what?? I decided NOW is the perfect time to have a SALE! The following image will give you the details and, heads-up, its linked to my brand new store!

Now, I am still working on adding all my older products to the store and will continue working on it throughout the weekend and the early part of next week - so, as I add products, they'll all be on sale, too! For now, there is some brand new stuff in the store for you to have some fun with - I'll tell you more about the new stuff in a separate blog post tomorrow.

Finally, to celebrate the HUGE growth of the designer roster at Inspiration Lane, we designers decided it would be fun to have a little Blog Train for you all... so, without further ado... enjoy!!

Choo Choo , the train has arrived!
In celebration of all the new store fronts opening on Inspiration Lane, a whole bunch of us have gotten together and decided to give away a HUGE coordinated kit for you!
Everything you collect along the way will be created using this color palette:

The First stop is in the forums at IL : HERE

And here is a preview of my portion of the Blog Train! You can click on it to download my bit - and please don't forget to say thank you to all the ladies for giving away this fab freebie!

And now, here is the list of the rest of the stops:
Tracy <----------- YOU ARE HERE

Please keep in mind that we are all over the world, thus in different time zones. If someone does not have their link posted, check back a little later. All links will remain active at least until the end of May. We hope you enjoy the awesome pirate kit you'll collect by the time you visit all the train stations! Thanks again for stopping by my blog today - I'll see you on the Lane - the Inspiration Lane!!
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