Thursday, May 14, 2009

The news and some sales...

I am sure many of you have already heard the news about the closing of Digital Candy. I honestly was so upset... it took me a while to let it sink in before I could come here to tell you all about it. I poured a lot of myself, my time, my talent, and my energy into Digital Candy during the past few months and I will miss the other designers and the customers/community terribly. Despite all that, I know it would have been a mistake to stay there after everything that went on... so perhaps my guardian angel was looking out for me and ensured that decisions were made that I was having a hard time making myself!

When one door closes, the door to another new adventure often opens, and such is the case for me! I will be moving to TWO new stores - look for the announcement coming soon. In addition, I am working on revamping my own, personal store and have resolved to keep it updated from now on. For my loyal and wonderful customers, there will be some advantages to shopping directly with me - you'll see :)

Now, as Digital Candy is closing and I've been thrust into repreviewing my kits YET AGAIN, for the third time in less than six months, I've decided its high time some of those kits be retired and go into the Trixie Scraps vault. So, I'm having a kit retirement sale today and tomorrow at Digital Candy. Here's the rundown on all the kits, brag books and more that are on sale for 50% off! (Each of the thumbnails is linked)

In addition, I decided to put my line of mini kits on sale, too! So, if you purchase all nine of the mini kits I have in the shop at Digital Candy, they will be just $1 each! You'll save $18, which is over 65% off the regular price of my mini kits. You must add all nine kits to your cart for the discount to show up - the nine mini kits are (each image is linked):

That's all from me for today - oh, but one more thing!! You might know that Amber (Stolen Moments) and I were in the midst of distributing the Daily Download at Digital Candy when news of the closing came down. Since our stores will be closed as of May 16th, Amber and I have decided to move the Daily Download to our blogs. So, starting Saturday, you'll find the remainder of the Daily Download kit RIGHT HERE on my blog! Fun, right?? I'll be back soon with news of my two new stores - and I'll be seeing you all Saturday with more Daily Download links. Hope you're having a great day!

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