Monday, June 22, 2009

Just for fun...

Every now and then, I think my blog is woefully lacking in personality... lol
Sure, I post about my new designs and designing "schtuff," in general, but I rarely infuse myself and, since I don't have a personal blog, I think I'm going to occasionally do some personal posts here. Hope you all don't mind... if you do, feel free to skip this one :)

I saw this idea on Ali Edwards' blog and it looked like fun, so why not? She got the idea from The Simple Woman's Day Book via apple likes orange:

June 22nd, 2009

Outside my window... the sun is fully OUT for the first time in a week and the hummingbirds are having dogfight battles over the feeder hanging on the window. Love watching them zip about. So glad its not raining today.

I am thinking... about choices, directions and whether its worth it to speak up sometimes, especially when you feel like no one listens, anyway.

I am thankful for... too many things to name, but a brief list... spending time with my family yesterday on Father's Day - getting a chance to tell my own dad I love him and watching my brother enjoy his very first Father's Day, too; good pregnancy news from Dan & Tonya and from friends out in Kansas, who are expecting their first after many, many years of struggling with infertility; the fact that God does answer prayers, sometimes you just have to be patient; losing almost 85 pounds (and counting)... feeling better and better every day; an amazing husband who loves me more than I often deserve. Like I said, too many to list... but that's a good start today.

From the kitchen... undecided at the moment... need to run to the store.

I am wearing... sweats and a t-shirt, no shoes... my typical "workday at home" attire.

I am creating... nothing at the moment, but will soon start my next new kit.

I am going... to try and do a better job of staying out of things that have nothing to do with me... lately, I am getting too sucked into other people's drama.

I am reading... Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark on my new Kindle (another thing I should have mentioned being thankful for)

I am hoping... that my weightloss breaks the 100 pound mark by the end of July... can't wait to earn my reward for that milestone and go to a Yankee game with my man.

I am hearing... the sound of hubby busily printing, collating and stapling orders in his office - very welcome sounds, considering how slow business has been.

Around the house... furniture needs to be dusted, vacuum needs to be run, laundry needs to be done... maybe tomorrow lol ;)

One of my favorite things... is that my husband is so supportive and helpful. I am a very lucky wife and I am very well taken care of.

A few plans for the rest of the week... work today and tomorrow; dinner plans with Matt & Mary Wednesday night; a couple Speed Scraps this week; the Grand Opening of my fourth store (I hope) on Friday; a potential visit to NJ for my brother's birthday sometime during the weekend.

A picture to share... cuddle time with Mackenzie, who is 9 weeks old today... and she is getting big WAY too fast. And her Aunt Tracy couldn't love her more than if she were my own ... one look at that sweet little face and my heart melts.
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