Thursday, July 23, 2009

About me today....

So, this is going to be another one of those personal posts, please skip over it if you're not interested! Sometimes I wish I did a better job of documenting my journey through things and today, its time for some documentation.

As you may (or may not) know, I've been on a majorly strict diet since January 22nd of this year. I've done remarkably well on it, and have even surprised myself with my own determination and willingness to stick to it. For the last couple weeks, I've been hovering right around 100 pounds lost (going through a bit of a stubborn plateau at the moment). But, I've never lost 100 pounds on ANY diet before, and trust me, there have been dozens of attempts. Heck, I've never lost 50 pounds before, so this is a real accomplishment for me and I'm proud of myself. I'm about halfway to my goal, and for the first time in years, I can really imagine myself being thin and fit again.

My loss has been steadily slowing down over the last couple months... where in the beginning, I was averaging about 5 pounds a week, I'm now lucky if I hit three. That was to be expected... but, this last month has been pretty disappointing, since I think I've probably only lost about 5 or 6 pounds the whole month. I know, I know... still a loss... but, you get spoiled when you watch the needle drop by 4's and 5's for weeks! LOL So, what does all this mean? Yeah, the dreaded, most hated, hardest part of any weightloss plan, for me, anyway, has now become a necessity. It's no longer an option. I actually have to exercise... yuck.... not happy about it LOL.

Two and a half years ago, I joined the local Curves. I was good... for about two weeks. And then, I gave up. So, yesterday, I decided I'd try again. Went over, restarted my membership and was glad they were still running a summer promotion. While I was there, the gal took my measurements. And, though that is not normally a whole lot of fun, for me, it was fun yesterday.... when I was going to Curves two years ago, I was about 15 pounds lighter than I was when I started my current diet in January. And, they still had all my measurements from back then, so I was able to see just how much of an impact just the diet alone has had. I was shocked to find out I have lost a total of 62.5 inches from my frame.... CRAZY!! I lost 10" from my thighs, 10.5" from my arms (thank GOD!), 7.5" from my bust, 12.5" from my waist and an amazing 18" from my stomach.... that last number has REALLY motivated me. Of course, this pear shaped body of mine has only given up 4" from the hips... but, I'm bound and determined to make them go away, too!

I went for my first workout today and it was okay. I can do it without too much back pain (always a leading concern). They have a "circuit" you work your way through... and you're supposed to do the circuit three times. I was only able to do it twice before I started feeling a bit too winded and tired, so I thought it best to stop there and work my way up to three times over the course of the next few weeks. I'll get there... I actually believe, for the first time in my life, that I can stick with this! And, I'm hoping that it helps to keep the needle on the scale steadily dropping. I don't expect 5 pounds anymore... but, 3 pounds a week, consistently, would be nice! I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm actually looking forward to next month when I get my measurements taken again! LOL

So.... that's what I wanted to record... I want to have this post to refer back to when my motivation starts to slip (I know it will... its exercise and I hate it, for goodness sakes!).... but, I need to do it, so I will. Oh, one other thing.... I'm very excited for my next goal reward, which is happening next month.... going to a Yankee game with my husband for the first time in YEARS. We spent a little bit of money to get some good seats in homerun territory! Now that I've lost all this weight, I know I can fit in the seats.... can't wait to enjoy it with him :)

Oh, I have a request for you all! One of the things I'm struggling with is that dinner time is starting to get OLD. We eat the same four or five things (it feels) like ALL the time. So.... does anyone have some low-carb, low-fat entree recipes they can share?? I'd REALLY love the help!! I can have chicken, pork, lean beef, turkey, fish, shrimp.... and most vegetables (just not corn or peas).... suggestions appreciated - we need some variety in this house! :)

OK, back to working on my next new kit - it will be ready next week - can't wait to share it with you all! ***Trixie***
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