Friday, October 15, 2010

Gallery Guidelines and Show-Off Information

Did you know that every two weeks, as our wonderful customers make layouts and share them in our gallery, we compile their layouts, show them off in a slideshow here on the blog, and send each person who submits a layout a free gift from Trixie's store? We do! And we'd love to give away even more than we already are!

So, how do YOU get in on the fun? It's simple!
  • First, you make a layout using Trixie Scraps products - it can even be one you've done for a challenge on the blog this week! As long as it meets the guidelines for our gallery (see below), it counts!
  • Second, upload your fabulous layouts to the Gallery here at!
  • Third, every other Saturday night {after 10pm EST} we will take the layouts for the last week and showcase them on Sunday morning!
Then, you just simply sit back and watch for your gallery message to come through with your prize! Every other week, Trixie gives away a FULL free product, not a sampler. So, it's an awesome opportunity to earn a little free goodie in return for shopping with us and using Trixie's products on your layouts.

Gallery Guidelines

We LOVE seeing your layouts, so thanks for sharing them!
Our gallery is intended to be a place for the digi community to connect with us, get involved in our challenges and share their work with us. Most importantly, we want our gallery to be a constant source of inspiration for great ways to use Trixie Scraps beautiful digiscrap kits and products. That said, here are our gallery guidelines - please keep these in mind when posting. We really appreciate it - thank you!
  • Layouts must be sized to 600x600 and be no more than 150K in size. Use your program's "Save for Web" feature to arrive at this image size.

  • All layouts shared in this gallery must contain no less than 80% Trixie Scraps Designs products. Use of a Trixie Scraps template counts as 25% of the layout. Your layouts must contain more than a Trixie Scraps template in order to be eligible for inclusion in our gallery.

  • Crediting the designer(s) of products used is encouraged, but off-site links are not allowed. You may link to the Trixie Scraps shop, if you desire.
If you are looking for a place to archive all of your pages made with other designers' products or market for the creative team(s) you may belong to, we recommend you share your beautiful work in one of the other open galleries within the community. We really hate it when we have to remove a layout and send you one of those awkward private messages explaining why we did it, so please don't make us, LOL! Thank you for your understanding and for respecting our gallery guidelines.
If you have a question about our gallery guidelines or Sunday Show-Off procedures, please leave a comment on this blog post and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP. Please don't forget to leave your email address with your reply so we can reach you!
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