Sunday, November 28, 2010

December Daily Q&A

Hey everybody! It's Candy again with another December Daily post. I got some questions after my last December Daily post, and I wanted to make sure that all of those got answered before we get started on our projects.

What is a December Daily Album? Is it like Project 365?

The December Daily album project was originated by Ali Edwards in 2008 to encourage scrapbookers to document the month of December and really savor everything that occurs in that month. It is similar to Project 365 in that you are encouraged to document the everyday of your life for the 25 or 31 days in December. I think the biggest difference is that Project 365 focuses on taking one picture a day, or choosing one picture a day. December Daily albums can incorporate many pictures per day and really aims to capture all of the special events and planning that happens in December - especially the days leading up to Christmas. Some choose to focus only on the 25 days of Christmas while others scrap a page or two all the way through December 31st. 

Do you scrap every day (or every couple) and have a finished album in January or do you mostly take notes and then have it complete by the following Christmas? 

I scrap every day (or every couple) so that I have a completed album by Christmas day (minus the Christmas Day pages, of course!). By the time Christmas arrives I am really ready to be done with the project and it helps me actually get it done. Ali Edwards encourages paper scrapbookers to complete the base of their album before December 1st so that all they'll need to do is add pictures, journaling and a few elements for a completed page at the end of the day. Digital scrapbookers will need to prepare a little differently. I covered December Daily preparation in this post on earlier this month if you need a refresher.

When is your big reveal of the completed project? 

I print each page as I complete them. This serves a dual purpose - I am less tempted to obsess over the pages after they're printed and I build my album throughout the month. I like to have it ready on Christmas day when we host all of our extended family. I also post the pages on my blog almost daily and many of our family and friends that live far away enjoy the opportunity to follow our holiday journey.

Is this a big deal to your family?

It is a big deal to my family and especially the kids. They love the two albums that I have completed so far and pull them out throughout the year to look at them. They love comparing what we've done on a day to day basis and I find that it helps them remember things that would otherwise be completely forgotten.

What size is good for a December Daily album?

Any size will work and it really depends on your goal for your album. I like to do my December Daily as a mini-album. I did 6"x6" pages for December 2009 and plan to do that page size again for 2010. I make my own covers to coordinate with the kit(s) that I choose for my interior pages and use chipboard from grocery packaging (think cereal boxes) to give them some weight. If you'd rather use an album, that's fine too. You can always scrap 12x12 and print the pages smaller without losing any quality if you don't know what size you want the completed project to be.

Am I too boring for this project?

No! So much of what we do in December is very different from our day-to-day the rest of the year. From what you drink and eat to your schedule and shopping, everything is different in December. The Trixie Scrap Stars have 31 days of album prompts planned for the month of December, so you'll want to check in every day for December Daily inspiration.

Am I too busy for this project?

December is a super busy month for most of us. I really believe that this is a do-able project for anyone with a little planning. The Trixie Scraps Stars will also have a daily freebie during December to help you complete your pages quickly. 

Don't forget... Trixie Scraps has partnered with Persnickety Prints especially for this project.  So, even if you can't get your project printed at home prior to December 25th, you will be able to save a little bit of money via the discount she has lined up for you for page prints from Persnickety.  Just think how much fun it will be to order your pages at the end of the month - you can ring in the new year, enjoying your beautiful, professionally printed pages and reliving all the highlights of December 2010.

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