Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Triple T Tuesday - Using the Match Color tool

Hi, all! It’s Carrin here with your latest Tips, Tricks and Trends post! Today I wanted to show you a quick trick for doing black and white photos. I like the look of black and white, but sometimes I think that it’s a little too harsh for the look of the page. That’s where the Match Color tool comes in. This is one of my latest pages, using Trixie’s Sneezin’ Season kit.

And here’s how I did it…

Step one: Choose your photos and the element or paper you wish to match.

Step two: Turn your photo into black and white. Since I’m using Photoshop CS3, I just have to press CTRL-ALT-SHFT-B.

Step three: Make sure your photo layer is active and then click on Image>Adjustments>Match Color.

Step four: A little box will appear on your screen. At the bottom there will be a drop down menu next to the word Source. Click on it and choose the layer you are trying to match.

Step five: Your photo may look a little off, but not to worry. That’s what the sliders at the top of the Match Color box are for! Play around with them until you get the desired look. For this photo, I slid the Fade arrow into the middle and left the other two alone.

Step six: Continue working on your layout! If you are planning on changing the coloring of any additional photos, you can use the newly colored one as your source object to make sure the coloring is consistent on your other photos.

If you try out this technique, be sure to come back here and link us up in the comment section so we can go take a look at your gorgeous work!

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Just for stopping by, here's a super cute freebie alpha by Miss Shari to match Slumber Party...enjoy!

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