Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Scrap Stars have big plans!!


Stay tuned for a big announcement because Trixie's Scrap Stars have been busily planning the launch and grand opening of their very own CT Blog!! The party starts on April 1st - NO FOOLING!!! They can't wait to challenge you, inspire you, and just hang out and have fun! Please mark your calendar and come back to celebrate the grand opening of the new CT blog with us on April 1st!! We're so EXCITED!!!!

Coming SOON!!!


Stay tuned to this space because Trixie's Scrap Stars have been busily planning the launch and grand opening of their very own CT Blog!! The party starts on April 1st - NO FOOLING!!! We can't wait to challenge you, inspire you, and just hang out and have fun! Please mark your calendar and come back to celebrate our grand opening with us!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Releases for March 26th, 2010

Hi everyone!! This week I have two great new releases for you, and they are both on intro sale for 20% off this weekend only!

First up, I have the first in a new line of templates I'll be releasing, based on the beautiful and inspiring layouts made by Trixie's Scrap Stars! Check out volume 1 of my "Star Struck" line - a great set of six templates based on my CTM Erica's layouts. This set is classic, clean and simple and will help you complete some beautiful pages in no time flat!

Star Struck templates vol 1: Erica by Trixie Scraps Designs - 20% off March 26th - March 28th

Check out some of the great layouts made by the rest of the team with these templates!

And my second new release for this week is my third volume of Commercial Use overlays. This set was really fun to make. Inside you'll find a fun mix of grayscale textures, some lighter and some darker PLUS a couple of them even have embossed details. These overlays are truly versatile - layer them and combine them with blending modes for endless beautiful paper options! Check out the detail images in my store for a close-up of the textures, plus some examples of the textures in use!

Texture Plates vol 3 Commercial Use Overlays by Trixie Scraps Designs - 20% off March 26th - March 28th

It's a short and sweet week! If you like either of these products, make sure to snag them before Monday rolls around so you can save a little bit of money on them! I'm hoping to have a new collab kit with a fellow ScrapMatters designer done and ready for release next week - so stay tuned!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Releases for March 19th, 2010

Hey, everyone!! Just a brief post from me this week. My "Lovey Days" grab bag is being broken up and added to the store as individual pieces. You can still purchase it as a grab bag through the close of business tonight, Friday March 19th. But, as of tomorrow, the grab bag will be removed from the store. So, don't wait if you want to grab it!

Oh, one other quick note!! I'm sponsoring the "Best Project 365" layout category in DSA's Birthday Bash layout contest. You could win a $15 gift certificate to my store if you enter a Project 365 layout by March 31st!! If you head on over to the thread, you'll also find a coupon for 40% off my Project 365 products - I encourage you to use a coupon, pick up some P365 goodies and play along!! While you're there, check out the other threads and consider playing along with some of the other categories, too! You have until March 31st!

In the meanwhile, here is a look at all the products inside the grab bag. They are all available individually, as of today's new releases. Have a GREAT weekend!!! It's finally feeling a bit like Spring here, so I'm going to head outside and do some clean-up in my garden, I think!

Lovey Days mini kit by Trixie Scraps Designs

Through the Week templates vol 2 by Trixie Scraps Designs

Stamped, Dated, Stated volume 2 by Trixie Scraps Designs
Your Days are Numbered vol 2 by Trixie Scraps Designs
Alpha Tiles vol 2 by Trixie Scraps Designs
7-Up Journalers by Trixie Scraps Designs

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On the subject of crediting...

There's been a conversation popping up in lots of places lately about a blog post at Scrapper's Workshop titled "5 Reasons Not to Post Credits." When the post was first brought to my attention, I read it with interest and even felt compelled to comment on the post. At the time, I left my comment there and thought I was done with it. But, since this has subsequently become such a hot, talked-about topic, I wanted to post my comments here on my own blog for my customers to see.

So, here is a copy-paste of what I posed at Scrapper's Workshop. I would like to reiterate that though my terms previously required credit, based on all of what I've read, I have made the decision to amend my terms to say "credit appreciated, but not required." Please understand, I am still of the opinion that our established culture of crediting what is used on our layouts is the best way to support our community and keep the industry wheels turning. I know, personally, it really lifts my spirits when I search for "Trixie Scraps" in the galleries and find beautiful layouts made with my designs. It motivates me, inspires me, keeps me designing, and yes, does in the end help new customers to find me, and thus helps to keep me in business. So, as I have from day one, I will continue to appreciate my customers and their credits to my designs whenever that effort is put forward. That all said, I never intended to be a burden to any of my customers with a crediting requirement, and if such a requirement has previously kept you from sharing layouts made with my work, please know I have decided to relax those requirements. No one is going to hunt you down and berate you if you use one of my kits and neglect to mention I made it. That was not the case in the past, its not the case now, nor will it ever be the case. As I stated in the comments that follow, all I've ever hoped for is that I create things my customers love to use as they strive to keep their photos and memories alive in their scrapbooks.

One final note - for a wonderful history on our industry, and might I add, a voice of professionalism and reason, I highly suggest you read Maya's post about this subject. I found it to be informative and well-written - definitely worth your time if you have an interest in this topic! And now, here is the copy/paste of what I wrote over at Scrapper's Workshop. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

I don’t normally comment on things like this, but today I felt compelled to :)

I have to say, I appreciate Jenn for writing this article because it has forced me to look a hard look at my TOU, not as a designer, but as a customer. To be honest, when I first started designing, I didn’t have the first clue what my TOU should be! A fellow designer, and good friend, who mentored me in the early days when I was learning how to design, invited me to use her TOU as a jumping off point. She also suggested I read the TOU file from some of my other favorite designers and incorporate parts of theirs that I felt to be important. And thus, my TOU file was born.

Since the day I wrote it, to be honest, I’ve given it little thought. Do I include it with every product I sell? Of course. Protecting one’s designs is important. But, have I ever trolled the galleries looking for things made with my products that weren’t credited just so I could go after that person and brow-beat them for violating my TOU? Absolutely not! I have no time for such nonsense and could never be that unkind to someone who spent money on my designs, in the first place. I doubt there are many designers who would engage in such behavior. However, do I go through the galleries looking for layouts made with my products? Heck yeah, I do! I’m always looking for talented people who use my designs in a way I love. Whether that be to invite them to CT for me, or to reward them with a thank you coupon and highlight them in my customer newsletter. Or, even just to leave them some love on their layout and say “Hey, I really love how you used my kit. Thanks, its beautiful!”

My TOU has always been linked on my blog from the day I started selling my designs, but I just recently joined in on the trend of including a link to my TOU with every product I sell in my store. I agree, I wish all designers did the same… none of us should be hiding our TOU from our customers. But, I think, after reading this post and the subsequent comments, I am going to re-evaluate what my TOU actually says and probably make a large edit to them! I don’t ever want a customer to feel like creating with my designs would cause them undue burden in the “crediting” phase. I just want them to like my work and use my designs to celebrate their memories on their pages.

That said, I will ALWAYS appreciate it when I am credited for my work, but you’re right, it shouldn’t be required. And from now on, this designer will not be requiring credit. That all said, I do hope people will continue to credit, because searching for my design business name is how I find layouts in the various galleries in the digiverse to comment on. If you make the choice not to credit me when you use my stuff, you’ll do so knowing I’ll probably never see it nor comment on your layout! It just becomes a tiny needle in a BIG OLE haystack, ya know? :)

And one last note before I go… I would like to express that I take great exception to this comment…

“I also get a little annoyed when I read ‘be sure and share some love’
Buying their product or downloading their freebie ought to show you like
it and that should be enough.”

There is a VERY big difference between being required to credit a product you paid for, and saying thank you when you download a freebie. The unfortunate thing about the digi world is that it makes relationships “faceless” and thus people feel free to treat others with a lack of decency all too often! When a designer makes and shares a freebie you should ALWAYS say thank you when you download it. It is no different than someone handing you something for free in real life. Would you just take it and walk away without a word of thanks? Sorry, my mother raised me better than that. If you are given something for free, it is right and proper to take three seconds of your time to type 8 tiny little letters.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post, Jenn. I’m off to amend my TOU!! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Releases for March 12th, 2010

Hello everyone! This has been a truly crazy week! I feel like I've been working non-stop, probably because I have! Smiley But, that is good news for you... crazy week for me means LOTS of new fun stuff for you to see. So let's jump right in!

First, I'm so excited to show you my newest kit. This one is very different for me, but I am just thrilled with it and absolutely love how it turned out! I made something for the fellas in your life this time around, especially all those who love skateboarding. There are lots of fun skateboarding-themed bits in here, but I also included LOTS of more generic goodies for all the boys you're scrapbooking about. This kit is especially suitable for teens, but as you'll see from the layouts below, it works GREAT for younger boys, too... and, you can even use it for snowboarding and inline skating layouts - lots of versatility in Sk8ter Boy! Best of all, its on sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY for 20% off. Grab it now before its back to regular price on Monday!

Here's a closer look at the papers and elements - this kit is so bright and fun, it makes me SMILE!!

Now, you know how I always like to tell you that my Creative Team knocks me out with all their talent. Well, I always mean it when I say it. But this week, there are truly just NO words. I have this team full of super gals who have learned to live with (and do well by) a very girly-girl designer. So, when I brought this kit to them, I feared they'd all look at me like I'd gone crazy. But, nope!! They continue to impress and amaze me... and their layouts this week with Sk8ter Boy are proof that they are among the best scrappers in the digiverse! Smiley Check out this eye candy - even I had some fun with the kit!

Can you believe we're only a third of the way there?? I told you I was busy! lol! Next, I have the second installment of my Project 365 grab bags. This is stuffed full of essential goodies for all you brave souls who are still going strong on your projects. This grab bag includes 6 products: a mini kit, a set of templates, 3 element packs and an alpha pack. They all coordinate with each other, but are also really great for stocking up on your basics - and of course, there are plenty of goodies in there, even if you aren't working on Project 365! The bag is just $3.50 and it's only available for one week from March 12th through the 19th, so act fast and scoop it up at a big discount! A reveal of everything inside the bag can be found in the detailed images in my store - no secrets!

Lots of beautiful layouts have been created from this grab bag, as well! The girls have been busy, busy, busy... check it out! (I did a layout with the grab bag earlier this week for ADSR, too!)

And last but certainly NOT least, I've got a new set of blog wear in the shop, a collab between myself and my fabulous blogwear artist, Twinderland Scraps. It's perfect for sprucing up your blog for Spring and just in time for Easter! It includes a choice of 3 different backgrounds, 3 different headers, 3 post dividers, 1 frame/cluster and 5 unique sidebar labels. Plus, I give you step-by-step instructions, complete with screen shots, that walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get these pieces installed on your blog. For just $4, using these pieces and my instructions, your blog can be fabulous and pretty in no time at all!!

And that's everything for this week! Whew! I need a nap! lol I hope you have a GREAT weekend - thanks so much for reading my news!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sneak Peeks of March 12th releases!

Hey everyone!! Just stopping in to post some sneak peeks for you today! I have not one, not two but THREE brand new products coming to my store this week - its been a busy one!! First up is a brand new kit for the masculine set... I am REALLY excited about how this kit came out and it was surprisingly fun for this normally-girly-girl designer to put together!

And then, I have the next in my series of Project 365 grab bags coming out, too! Here's a sneak peek!

And finally, no sneak peek for this one, but you'll definitely want to check out the next new set of blogwear by Twinderland Scraps and I - its also "hopping" its way to my store tomorrow and its DARN ca-yute!!!

That's all for today! Don't forget about my Speed Scrap tonight!! Details are posted HERE on my blog!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm hosting a Speed Scrap Thursday, March 11th!

It's been a while since I've hosted a Speed Scrap and I was lucky enough to get a spot this month - I hope you'll join me!! Here's all the details:

And, as an extra incentive, here's a look at the participation prize you'll get for playing along and posting your layout before the Speed Scrap deadline is up! So, I hope to see you on Thursday night in the Speed Scrap forum or the chat room at ScrapMatters!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning SALE!!!

It's time do do a little Spring Cleaning in the Trixie Scraps Shop! I'm clearing out a bunch of my products to make room for new goodies! All these kits are 50-60% off:

And, here is the complete list of what is retiring from my store... its a LOT! (Each item in the list is linked for your convenience - or click on the image above to see everything on clearance in my shop!)
A Rainbow Promise collab kit
All Hallow's Eve
All Hallow's Eve add-on mini
Amethyst Sky mini kit
Ariel's Room mini kit
Beat the Heat mini kit
Bree's Butterflies mini kit
Cottontail's Garden
Cottontail's Garden brag book
Cozy New Home mini kit
Donna mini kit
Early Birds collab kit
Early Birds brag book (collab)
For the Girls
For the Girls brag book
For the Girls quickpages
Katie mini kit
Lisa mini kit
Make a Wish collab kit
Me & My Teddy collab kit
Robert mini kit
Sage Sunset alpha pack
Sage Sunset mini collab
Sarah's Song mini kit
Walton mini kit

As always, my CT has done me proud with some beautiful examples for this sale:

This beautiful page by Sandy was made with A Rainbow Promise:

Fran created this beauty with Katie mini kit:

Lindsey made this layout with Me and My Teddy:

And Kris made this great layout with Early Birds:

Get in and grab these this week before they're gone, gone, gone! And one last thing before you go! To reward you for shopping during my clearance sale, I'll be sending a 30% off coupon for a future order to anyone who orders $10 or more during my clearance sale this week! The coupon will be sent out to all customers with qualifying orders on Monday, March 15th. So go shop for the things I'm retiring and then you can save some dough on a future new release, too!! Hope you have a great week - see you in a day or two with a little post full of my recent CT layouts and news of the next Speed Scrap I'm hosting, too!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5th New Releases

Hello and welcome to another Friday! Boy, I'm glad this week is just about over... its been a long one! Definitely looking forward to the weekend.

This week, I have another brand new collab for you, this time with a partner who I've never collaborated with before. I'm branching out a bit, meeting new people and loving it! My collab kit this week is "Daisy Crazy" and I worked on it with the extremely talented Madame Wing, who has her own store at The Digichick. Ale is a great gal and she was an absolute DREAM to work with. Everything came together so easily, which is always a bonus! We're both very proud of this kit and we hope you'll love it as much as we do!

Daisy Crazy by Trixie Scraps Designs and Madame Wing

Here's a look at the papers and elements:

And the best part (at least in my mind!) Here's a look at the beautiful layouts Trixie's Scrap Stars and a couple of the ScrapMatters CT have done with this kit... like I always say, these girls blow me away with their talent. And they make my stuff look GOOD!! Love them... and love all this inspiration!

I also have two other new products this week - both are sets of glitter styles for CU/personal use. They include both the style sets for Photoshop 7.0 and above, as well as individual 8x8 sheets of glitter saved in PNG format, for those who can't use the styles. Best of all, the downloads are divided according to sheets and styles, so you can choose to download only what you need or will use!

First up is a set of glitters that coordinate with my brand new collab, Daisy Crazy glitter styles:

And then, I also loaded a coordinating set of glitter styles for Gotta Hug into the store this week!

And what's up for next week you ask?? Well, first of all, you will DEFINITELY want to watch this blog on Monday because there is a clearance sale coming to ScrapMatters. I have chosen more than 20 of my older kits, mini kits, alphas and more to be cleared out at 50-60% off their regular price! I'll have a preview of my clearance items and links to each of them for you on Monday! Plus, I'm working on my next grab bag (its nearly done) and another new collab - hopefully, the stars align and it will all be ready for you by next Friday.

And that's all the news for this week! Have a super fab weekend! Oh, and before I go! Here is a coupon code to use on my brand new collab kit, Daisy Crazy. But, hurry! It's only good for 20% off the kit until Sunday night. The code is: Crazy4Daisy ENJOY!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Blog Train

Hi everyone!! It's blog train time again! I decided to jump aboard and participate with 100 other designers to bring you a mega kit that celebrates moving forward and looking at the bright side of things! So, "Shine On" and check out what you'll be receiving as you ride this train through all its different stops!

And here is my contribution this kit - several papers and a few fun, basic elements to add to your stash!

Simply click here (or on the preview) to download it!

You should have arrived here from Robyn Pali's blog and your next stop is at Gabs Art blog. But don't worry, if you get lost anytime during your destination, you can always visit the Blog Train blog to follow the complete list of stops posted there!

*Please remember with 100 participants from all over the world, time zones vary. All links should be active by the end of today! Have a great "trip," everyone and I hope you enjoy my contribution to the train! *