Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Sale Days & Big News!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to pop in and remind you all that today is the final day of my Featured Designer sale at ScrapMatters and my New Designer sale at Scrapbook Bytes - act fast to save 30% in either store! The graphics below are linked to my shops to make it easy to grab some last minute deals.



Also, just a reminder that today is the last day for my Featured Product sale at ScrapMatters. Buy it before midnight to save over 50% off the regular price of Love My Guy!


OK, and then the Scrap Stars and I have some BIG NEWS! We realize that EVERYONE is busy and keeping up with two different blogs might be more of a hassle than we ever intended. So, we have decided to merge the Scrap Stars blog with my blog. You'll still get all the same Trixie Scraps content - new releases, freebies, challenges and more - just now in one convenient place. COOL, right?? We're very excited about it. Watch for the blog merge to officially start tomorrow!

Along with the change, I've been working on overhauling the look of my entire site... and have paid some much needed attention to some of those links that used to be in my header that were (for many sad, neglected months) a fast track to nowhere. Not anymore!! The NEW is just about complete and the team and I are thrilled to spread the word to all of you about it! So, what is new?

* First off, a new homepage at It's nothing much - just a picture of me and a little bit about who I am (boring stuff, really!)

* The merged blog, with some streamlining in the sidebar over there on the right.

* My personal store has gotten a bit of a new wardrobe, but its pretty much the same!

* A brand new landing/sign-up page for my weekly newsletter

* The long-awaited "TEAM" page - now you can see everyone's purdy mugs (as well as a link to everyone's blog and favorite gallery showcasing their work!)

* A *new* Chat Room! We expect to be having some fun there VERY soon. Stay tuned!

* A *new* gallery!! We are opening our gallery to the public and would love to see you all start sharing your layouts using my products. In fact, we'll be asking you to load any challenge layouts you do right into that gallery so we can easily oooh and aaah over your gorgeous work! The Scrap Stars have already been hard at work loading the gallery with lots of layouts... we're looking forward to welcoming you all in and watching the gallery grow even more. Please feel welcomed to sign up for a gallery account anytime!

* My Terms of Use (which were always there and haven't really changed)

* And a Licensing page, which is the final piece of the puzzle that I am working on finishing - but it only applies to blog/website designers. If that's you, stay tuned!
The new site is designed to streamline things - and to help keep our visitors from getting lost as they traverse different parts of the site. It's been a lot of hard work and I'm really proud of how its all turned out. I hope the result is a site you enjoy hanging out on!

So, stay tuned! I'll be back tomorrow (or maybe Lindsey will!) with my regular new release post, as always! It will also be Fun Font Friday, too! See you then!

Challenge Thursday - Simplicity

Welcome to challenge Thursday! This is the place where you can sneak out of your comfort zone and still have tons of fun. Before I drop my challenge on you, did you have fun with Beth's challenge last week about scrapping your daily routines? Make sure you leave a comment with your email and a link to your page so you can win FREE stuff!

OK, so for your challenge, don't be scared...I promise to be nice.

I am a simple scrapper. I love clean, I love minimalist, I love focusing on the picture and the journaling. I want to make sure the EVENT doesn't get lost in the STUFF. So, my challenge is to make a simple layout. For you cluster queens, this may be quite the challenge.

1. Use a simple shape. If it's rectangles use rectangles. If it's a circle use circles. Don't mix them.
2. Use one photo.
3. You may only use 3 elements. You may duplicate some of them but don't go crazy. Smiley
4. Make sure you have journaling, not just a date and place.
5. NO CLUSTERING...nope not allowed.

See, that's it. I told you I'd be nice. Here's mine using A Boo-tiful Night KIT and TEMPLATE.

A couple of Trixie's Scrap Stars played along. Here's one from Jen using Autumn on the Lake and stitches from Love My Guy.

And here's one from Gail using A Boo-tiful Night. Gorgeous ladies!

Now take a second and play along! Remember to leave a comment with your email and link to your layout. Have fun!


Hey everyone, we're changing the due date of Sunday Show Offs to


There is a reason for it, and all will be revealed soon!

But just for the time being, if you've done a layout with Trixie Scraps product in the last 2 weeks, send me a link to it at

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Desktop Freebie!

Hey everyone! Can you believe we are already moving into October!? This year is just flying by!

In case you didn't know, Trixie Scraps and JennCK Designs released one of the cutest Halloween kits I have ever seen last week, called A Boo-tiful Night. So of course, it is perfect for your October desktop freebie! It comes in 2 different sizes for you! Enjoy =)

Click on the image to DL!

Make sure to check out this awesome bundle too:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips, Trends and Techniques Tuesday

To cluster or NOT to cluster? That is the question!
When should we use a simple, elegant layout and when should we go cluster-crazy?

Below are my two layouts, using the same photo with very different results. Some might disagree with me, but I feel the simple layouts are for the more elegant pictures. For something whistful and something where "the picture says it all". Now, that is not to say that I have not seen any fully-clustered layouts that are not elegant, but that is generally how a simple layout comes across. So, if I wanted to show how my daughter was having a relaxing time, just chilling at the pool, here is my simple layout:

If I wanted to show her having a blast of fun, here is my clustered layout:

And, boy, was that fun to make. I just cut out tons of circles from the brightest paper I could find, went through the kit and added tons of flowers and other elements to my page, duplicated and resized like crazy and then just played around with the layers, moving the elements under and over each other until I liked it!

Both layouts were made with Friends are Like Flowers by Trixie Scraps Designs and Connie Prince. Which do YOU prefer?

So challenge yourself to think about what "type" of layout you want and go crazy with the clusters or simple with the elegance!

Below are some fabulous inspiration pages from the CT Stars to give you some awesome ideas. First, the more simple layouts:

Theresa used Saffron Blues by Trixie Scraps Designs and Bella Gypsy for this pretty layout

Theresa used Nature Girl by Trixie Scraps Designs

Bree used Old Glory by Trixie Scraps Designs.

Bree used A Mother's Love by Trixie Scraps Designs

Bree used Yuletide by Trixie Scraps Designs

Bree used Girls Day Out by Trixie Scraps Designs

For some seasonal inspiration:

Bree used A Boo-tiful Night kit and template pack by Trixie Scraps Designs and JennCk Designs

NOW for some clustered-inspiration. These are my favorite lately as I used to have very simplistic layouts and am only recently moving into the cluster-zone!

Fran used A Boo-tiful Night and A Boo-tiful Night Cluster set by Trixie Scraps Designa and JennCk Designs.

Theresa used This Woman's Work by Trixie Scraps Designs and Wimpychompers Creations

Check out this awesome clustered title:

Bree used Partini in Paradise by Trixie Scraps Designs

Bree used Sunday Afternoon by Trixie Scraps Designs for this beautiful layout

Fabulous ribbon work below:

Bree used Yuletide by Trixie Scraps Designs

One of my favorites:

Bree used Defining Me by Trixie Scraps Designs for this fun layout

Last, but not least, is this awesome layout:

Bree used Yuletide by Trixie Scraps Designs for this great layout

So, what are you waiting for? Go try your hand at something a little different. Clustered or simple? What do YOU prefer?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Make It Hybrid Monday

Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of Make it Hybrid Monday! I don't know about you but I can't wait for the fall and autumn weather and season to set in. Unfortunately, the weather around here and in my recent travels have been 90+ degrees with a ton of humidity so instead, I decided to start celebrating fall indoors with some hybrid decorations around the house while I waited for the actual autumn weather to follow.

I was inspired by the beautiful colors of TrixieScrap's Autumn on the Lake. Isn't that kit and bundle beautiful?! Two weeks ago, our very talented Sandy showed you the awesome and clever card that she made using this kit. This week, I used the same kit to create some fall decorations.

Happy Fall Banner
I created a "Happy Fall" banner using the pennant banner shape by Krisi's Kreations and used a few fall colors as the main background for the words.

I then printed the pages out, hole punched the top of each shape twice and strung them together

Voila- Instant fall banner to hang around the house!

Fall Garland
While I was creating the fall banner, I was also inspired to create a few fall garlands using some of the beautiful elements from this same gorgeous kit to hang around the house. I pulled my favorite elements onto a blank page and printed several copies of the page.

I cut them out and sewed them on my sewing machine to string them together. I rarely get a chance to use my sewing machine any more so I jump at the chance to make a quick project with it. You can sew the elements as close or far apart as you would like. If you don't have a sewing machine, you can still do this project using twine or string and hang your elements.

Here's my finished garland.

I'm all ready to celebrate fall now. What hybrid projects have you been working on recently? Link us up here so that we can showcase them during our next Make It Hybrid Monday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Special Request Saturday/SWU

Hi everybody! Stacy here with our weekly wrap-up, and a chance to win a free kit! But before we get to that, I'd like to announce the random winner of Old Glory...teresaj!!!
Congratulations, Teresa! Please watch your inbox for your prize :) If you'd like a chance to win a free kit from Trixie, keep on reading...we have a super fun contest this week! But before I announce the contest, let's look back at what we've been doing this week...

On Sunday, Bree showed off some beautiful layouts sent in by our readers...was yours one of them? She also shared a fantastic freebie with us...go check it out!
On Monday, Erica showed off this week's Manic Monday special...if you missed this week's deal, no worries...just keep checking back every Monday to see what great product you can snag for a great price!
On Tuesday, Sheila taught us how to create a vignette effect on our photos. Thanks Sheila! I love that effect and I'll admit I'd never even checked out the distort filter! It's inspired me to play around with my program a bit more :)
On Wednesday, Trista introduced us to Judy. Judy, those Slumber Party invitations are the cutest ever!!!
On Thursday, Beth challenged us to scrap the everyday moments in our lives. I love this idea...we tend to remember those big momentous occasions, but it really is the little things that say so much about us. And I know that it's the little things that I remember about those I've lost in my life...those little things are the things I miss and treasure the most. So check out this week's challenge, and then post your layout for a chance to win a free kit!
And on Friday, Lindsey showed off some of our layouts featuring Trixie and JennCK's new collab, A Boo-tiful Night.
And that, my scrappy friends, brings up back to today. Are you ready for this week's Special Request??? Okay, here you go!!

Do you like theme kits? Is there something that you would really like to see? Give us your best ideas for a theme kit, and in two weeks, we'll announce the winning theme. If your idea is chosen, you'll get the kit for free! So put on those thinking caps, and let us know what you'd really love to see Trixie create!

And with that, I'll say happy scrapping, and have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Feature Friday

Hey everyone, we have another incredible week of new releases from Trixie Scraps this week, and some incredible layouts from her Scraps Stars to go with them! I even got in on the action and made a couple layouts this week, It's all so cute, I couldn't keep my hands off!

We've got two collages today. This first one features Trixie Scraps new collab, A Boo-tiful Night.

Now, we have layouts using this week's new template set:

To check out the info on all the new releases, head to the Trixie Scraps Blog.

New releases - September 24th

Hi everyone and Happy Friday! I've got a couple new products out this week that I'm really excited to show you! I teamed up with a brand new collab partner, Jenn of JennCk Designs. We decided we wanted to do a Halloween-themed kit with a really original color palette. With that idea in mind, we came up with "A Boo-tiful Night." It turned out so fun and cute... check it out!

Closer look at the papers

Available at Trixie Scraps * Scrap Matters * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook Bytes

We also whipped up a set of templates and a pack of clusters to really help you make your Halloween layouts Boo-tiful!!

You can find them in my shops at the links below:

Trixie Scraps * Scrap Matters * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook Bytes

Trixie Scraps * Scrap Matters * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook Bytes

The individual pieces of the collection are all on sale for at least 30% off in each store, but if you're looking for the best way to get your hands on all three of these, we packed them up in a bundle to save you a little time and even more money! The bundle is over 40% off regular price... for little more than a full kit, you get all three pieces!


Trixie Scraps * Scrap Matters * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook Bytes

Here's a couple of my favorite layouts from my Scrap Stars using the new bundle... there are bunches more on their team blog today!

I also have a couple other new products this week... first up is my Gingham Goodness paper pack... some great basic gingham papers, especially perfect for baby albums!

Trixie Scraps * Scrap Matters * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook Bytes

Then, I have a new set of blogwear made from my recent release Every Day with You:

Trixie Scraps * Scrap Matters * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook Bytes

And, I have a perfect blogwear set for dressing up your blog this fall, made from my Autumn on the Lake collection:

Trixie Scraps * Scrap Matters * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook Bytes

And that's the Scoop for this week! Thanks for reading my news!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Challenge

Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to another Thursday Challenge here on the Trixie Stars Blog. I have not had the pleasure of hosting a challenge here before, so I am excited to present you with my debut challenge today! One of the things I love best about digital scrapbooking is that I feel free to scrapbook the small moments in life, the everyday things that I do not want to forget. So my challenge for you today is to find something in your everyday routine that you may have overlooked or that you want to remember; a moment with a loved one, a daily routine you enjoy or even a simple thing about yourself. Here is what I came up with.

And I can't resist sharing a few kits of Trixie's new releases that might help you scrap your small moments.

Grab it at Scrap Matters Here

Also at Scrap MattersHere

You have one week to complete the challenge then there will be a random drawing to chose a winner. That lucky winner will receive a prize (maybe a free kit, even!) from Trixie Scraps! Leave a comment below with a link to your layout to enter. Good luck ladies and happy scrapping!

The Trixie Scrap Stars played along, check out their lovely layouts!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Are You?

Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting the blog today. This week we are going to find out a little bit more about Judy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I'm a mom, partner, nana, sister, aunt all the usual things. I work full time as an accountant at a commercial bakery. I live in southern CA and am totally spoiled by our weather.

What is the story with your username? I am originally from Chicago, I grew up close enough to Wrigley field to hear the crowd cheering, so chigirl just seemed right.

When did you begin digiscrapping? Well, I had to go check in my gallery, the oldest LO is dated Feb 2008. I actually started scrapping at Scrap Matters on NSD.

Where do you find inspiration? I love doing challenges, they seem to give me a push in a creative direction. Leaving some love in the galleries also is an inspiration, there are so many talented scrappers it's difficult not to be inspired.

What is the one design tool you couldn't do without? Templates definately! I can't do without them and I am lucky enough to CT for some great designers that offer fabulous templates.

What is your favorite element to use? Strings and ribbons.

What/Who is the subject you scrap about most often? My dgc, Alex and Zach, are my favorite subjects. But I've also been scrapping for a friend at work, doing an album for her family.

What's your favorite color? Blue always has been my fav, but I scrap with lots of different colors.
Is that also your favorite color to scrap with? I do love to scrap with primary colors, they are so bright and cheerful.

Where do you scrap? At my desk in my home office.

Do you listen to music when you scrap? Sometimes, I listen to music, but I am a huge fan of books on CDs, I can listen to 3-4 books a week. I get to do 2 favorite hobbies at the same time.

What kind of music do you listen to while you scrap? If I do listen to music, George Strait would be my first choice, but I also listen to Michael Buble' or some jazz.

Do you snack while you scrap? No, I don't usually eat when I scrap, but I always have a diet Coke close at hand.

Besides digi scrapping what are your other hobbies? I love to read, I make a trip, sometimes two, to the library every week.

What is your favorite Trixie Scraps kit? Since I love to read, I really enjoyed scrapping with Take Me Away, a collab with Trixie Scraps and Connie Prince. I also love Slumber Party.

Show us your favorite layout.

Aren't those invitations just the cutest? Judy used It's a Slumber Party!

Why is it your favorite? I design birthday invites and thank yous for Alex and Zach each year. When Alex had a slumber party last year, Trixie's kit was just perfect. Alex loved her invites.

Link us up to some of your Trixie favs!

Judy created this page with goodies from the Take Me Away Bundle.

This delicious page was created using My Summer Garden.

A special thank you to Judy for playing along this week.