Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Spotlight

Hello, Trixie Scraps Fans! Mary Kate here with another Sunday Spotlight. Today I chose to interview Kristin (aka Sagediva2). Her siggy caught my attention in one of the forums... she had used Trixie's Rescue Me kit and it was absolutely adorable! So, let's get to know Kristin better...

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm Kristin but better known as Sagediva2 throughout the scrapping community. I started paper scrapping in 2000 then transitioned into digital scrapbooking in 2008. I have learned so much from when I started and enjoy learning new things when I can. I live in Lakeland, FL with my DH, Eric, of 3 years and my 19th month old daughter, Kaylyn. We also have a black lab, Havana, and two kitties, London and Sydney. So our house is always in constant motion and noisy.

2. How did you get into digi?
I had a room in our house just for my paper scrapping things. I knew that I would have to change this room into a nursery one day so I got into digital scrapping that way. I started and was instantly hooked.

3. What do you like to scrap about?
Most of my pages are about my DD. I want to make sure to scrap her life

4. What do you listen to while you scrap?
I usually don’t have anything playing. I scrap after DD has gone to bed so I enjoy the peace and quiet. On the rare occasions when I need some background noise, I have a Christian Rock radio station on.

5. If you were trapped on a desert island what three things would you want to have with you?
It all depends if you count people. I would have to have DH and DD. If you mean three items, not people, I would say a computer, my Kindle, and a cell phone.

6. What's the name of the last book you read?
I am in the middle of The Help by Katheryn Stockett.

7. What is the one scrapping tool you couldn't do without?
My computer of course.

8. What is your favorite Trixie Scraps layout?
Usually my most recent layout is my favorite. Surprisingly it’s not of my DD it’s of my kitty, London.
It’s called Love My Cat.

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