Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TTT- Align and Distribute

Hello Trixie Scrap fans! I have a little trick today to show you how to use the align and distribute tabs in Photoshop. Once I learned how to use this, I found so many ways to apply it in my layouts. Today I'm going to show you how to use it using square paper pieces. I first picked out my background paper. Then I made my square shapes to clip my paper to. After I clipped my paper to my square shapes and shadowed them, I highlight all of the squares.

Then go to the top, just under the menu bar and click "Align". I aligned my squares to the left edge.

Now I wanted to take this one step further. I want my square paper pieces to start at the top of my layout and run the edge down to the bottom. I wanted them evenly spaced, but doing by hand is hard. Also it would be extremely hard to make sure that they are all evenly spaced. This is where the distribute tool comes in handy. I needed to make sure that my top square is at the top of the layout and bottom square at the bottom. (The rest in between don't matter.) Once again highlight all the squares.

Go to the top again right next to the "Align" tab and you'll find the "Distribute" tab. Click that and then go to 'vertical centers'.

Isn't that fun?! Here is my finished layout using Trixie Scraps Blush Beauty

I also use the align tool all the time when using alphas for my title. Here is another layout I did using Trixie Scraps Rescue Me.

I use both of these tools all the time. Experiment with them and be sure to show off your layouts in the Trixie Scraps gallery. Have a wonderful day!

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