Thursday, March 31, 2011

Challenge Thursday

Hello Trixie Scraps Fan! Welcome to another Thursday Challenge! Bethie here as your hostess for the day. I love hosting the Thursday Challenge, as it gives me a chance to really think about scrapbooking as a whole, from the first idea to the style I choose to scrap, to the products I use. It really is fun from A to Z. Today, I decided to make a freebie template from one of my more recent layouts that really was fun for me to create from beginning to end. I am using the layout I made with Trixie Scraps and Armina Design's Quality Time Collab.
I had plenty of time when working on this layout and that helped me really focus and enjoy the whole process. I picked one of my most favorite pics of my two kids together reading. I also went for a little bit different scrapbooking style than I usually try, a more simple, minimalist style. So, for my challenge to you this week: Use the provided template (if you like) with one of your most favorite pictures. Take your time and really enjoy the whole process in making your layout. This challenge is just to celebrate this awesome hobby that we all got into out of sheer love for the creative outlet. I cannot wait to see what you make of it!

This is the layout I chose to make into a template

using this gorgeous kit!

Download the Template for Free Here

For a little extra inspiration check out the incredible talent and skills of Trixie Scrap Star Kris. She used another of my fave collabs by Trixie and Mye de Leon "City Girl"

And a bright and beautiful sample from our Guest Star JamieB. She used "Defining Me" by Trixie Scraps.

I hope this challenge has a you even a little, tiny bit inspired!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Desktop Freebie

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for spring weather! We've had near 80 degree weather and then snow again in a matter of days. It's driving me crazy! I decided to springify my desktop using Trixie's Rejuvenation kit to at least trick myself into thinking the weather is on its way to the warmer side of the thermometer. I hope you like it!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Triple T Tuesday - Journaling Around a Shape with Paths

Good morning, everyone! Trixie Scraps here with a new tutorial for you! Back on March 15th, Theresa shared this tutorial with you all about journaling on a shape path. Kristen, one of our readers, asked us a question that day about how to wrap her journaling AROUND a shape, instead of on or in a shape path. So, I put together this tutorial as a follow-up to show you all how to do it. Please note - the screenshots for this tutorial were done in CS5 and it may or may not work in your program, depending on what version you work with. So, here we go! Here's a quick look at my page in-progress. I wanted to fill the area with the white squiggly line with journaling, making sure to wrap around the large scalloped circle and my title. However, I didn't want to mess around with carriage returns and all that in order to do it.

The good news is that while Photoshop doesn't have an actual text wrapping tool, it can be pretty easily accomplished with just a few clicks. So, the first thing you want to do is select the Rectangular Shape tool from your tool bar - note, this is NOT the same as the Marquee tool, which is usually near the top of the tool bar. You want the shape tool which is normally found lower on the tool bar, near your text tool:

Once you have your Rectangle Shape tool selected, you need to select the path button in the bar at the top of the screen... note, you will need to select both the path option on the left and the "add to path area" option on the right. When you have done this correctly, your cursor will appear with a small plus sign next to it.

Now, add a new blank layer to your page, then draw out the area you want to journal in, like this. It's okay if part of your path overlaps an area of your page you don't want journaling on - we're going to fix that in the next step!

Now we're going to fix that part of the path which is overlapping the area you don't want journaling on. First, go back to your Shape Tool, this time selecting a shape that is similar to the area you want to exclude from your journaling area. I am first going to exclude my Scalloped Frame, so I am using the Circle Tool.

Now, you need to change your menu options in the top bar, just a bit! You're still going to use the path option on the left, but now you need to change your selection on the right to "subtract from path area." Your cursor will now show up with small minus sign next to it.

Now, while on the same layer as your original path, you want to draw out the area you want to exclude from your path. Press and hold the mouse button as you draw out your shape. If you need to move your selection, while you still have the mouse button held down, you can press the space bar to move the active path around. Once you are satisfied with the area you've drawn out, release the mouse button. You will now see what looks like two paths - the original path you drew, plus your new path which will subtract from the original path area where the two paths intersect - it should look something like this:

On your page, you might be done there. But, on my page, my title sticks out a bit farther than my scallop mat, so I need to exclude that area, as well! I go back to my Rectangular Shape Tool and once again select the Path Option and the Subtract from Path area option (as above) and now I draw out a rectangle around my title to exclude the part of the original path overlapping my title - like this:

Now, its time for the magic to happen! Select your Text tool and set your font, size, alignment and color options. Now, hover with your mouse inside the top corner of the original path. You should see your cursor change to straight line with a circle around it - this means that you will be filling the original path with your journaling. But the magic part is that your journaling will wrap around OUTSIDE of the paths you subtracted from the original rectangle. Click and start typing:

Once you finish your journaling and click off your text layer, you should have something that looks like this - the journaling follows that rectangle you first drew, except now it wraps around outside of the parts of your page you didn't want the journaling on! And the best part is that if I want to change the font or the size of the journaling, I can do so easily. If I had put random carriage breaks in throughout the paragraph of journaling and later wanted to change my font or font size... I'd have a big mess to clean up! This method makes wrapping your text around page elements a cinch!

Here's a look at my finished page, which was created with my Croaky Kisses collection, now available in all my stores. You can see in my finished version, I decided to turn my text white to better match the feel of the whole page. Plus, I decided to justify align the text by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+Shift+J. The result is a clean column of journaling which perfectly wraps around the photos and title. I hope you enjoyed this expansion on our original text path tutorial - as always, if you have any questions, please leave us a comment and let us know. Have a great day! ** Trixie **

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Make It Hybrid Monday

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Make it Hybrid Monday! With spring here and wedding season right around the corner, I've been looking for simple ways to create party favors using my digital supply and found an easy tutorial on one of my favorite stamping sites. Today, I'll be showing you how to make another gift box that is versatile enough for those spring activities and gifts that you want to package up using just one sheet of patterned paper.

For this project, you will need the following in addition to the requisite scissors, glue, ruler and bone folder:
* 8.5 x 11 printed patterned paper on cardstock or photo paper
* Decorative scissors or border punch
* Single hole punch
* Ribbon

To start, score your patterned paper at 2, 5, 7, and 10 inches lengthwise using your bone folder and ruler. Then, turn your patterned paper and score your paper at 2 and 7 inches.

Once all of the pieces have been scored, cut a 1 inch slit at 4 score marks of the long side and remove all but one 2x3 rectangle on the long side of the patterned paper which will become your box flap.

Using decorative scissors or a border punch, create an edge for your box flap

Using a bone folder, sharply crease all scored lines to shape box towards the unprinted side of the paper. Adhere the two sides of the box together.

Fold in the bottom flaps of the box beginning with the side flaps. Apply adhesive on one of the larger flaps and fold over the remaining flap.

Your box is almost done! Stand your box up and hold down with the flap folded over and punch two holes. String your ribbon through the holes to close the box.

Decorate as you would like. I used Trixie Scraps' Rejuvenation kit and added some additional ribbon and glitter to decorate the box.

Hope that you enjoyed this week's project and look forward to seeing what you create with Trixie Scraps products!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feature Friday... on Sunday! New releases for 3/25 plus a Freebie!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late new products post this week... I've been in the weeds! I do have a fabulous new collection out, though... and a SALE going on now through the end of the month... so let's get right to this week's new releases. And don't forget to read to the end for your freebie for this week!

First up... a little note about the sale! It's available in all my stores now through March 31st. (Note, most stores show the discount automatically, but at Funky Playground, the discount will show once you add the item to your cart!)

OK, let's move on to that new collection! Rejuvenation was previously offered as a couple of individual pieces for this month's GAB sale, but now those pieces have been bundled into a kit - and there are new pieces rounding out the collection! The soothing greens, yellows, and grays in this palette reminded me of a spa I once went to - it inspired me to create a kit all about relaxation and renewal. It is versatile enough for lots of different page themes, with just the right touch of elegance and sparkle for more formal pages, too! The full kit includes 14 papers, 45 elements and 1 full alpha:

The collection also includes a great set of page starters and a beautiful set of quickpages. So, whether you like stacked papers with the freedom to choose your own photo placement OR quickpages that make page completion a quick-and-easy cinch, I've got you covered!

And the collection is rounded out with a great set of wordart, beautiful element clusters and even some bonus alphas to expand your options for titling your pages!

Also new this week, I have two more additions to the Croaky Kisses collection! I've added another bonus alpha to the line, to expand your options for your pages. Also, Sharon has created the most adorable hybrid party pack from the kit which includes cupcake wrappers and toppers, gift bags, princess crowns, thank you's and invites... it's adorable! It's a complete solution for your next princess party - you don't want to miss it!

Croaky Kisses Bonus Alpha Available at:
Trixie Scraps Shop * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook-Bytes * Funky Playground

Hybrid Party Pack Available at:
Trixie Scraps Shop * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook-Bytes * Funky Playground

And last but not least, this week I also released two of my template packs which were formerly part of February's Templateopia collection. Front and Center vol 3 and Seeing Double vol 5 are both now available for individual purchase!

Front and Center vol 3 Available at:
Trixie Scraps Shop * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook-Bytes * Funky Playground

Seeing Double vol 5 Available at:
Trixie Scraps Shop * Gotta Pixel * Scrapbook-Bytes * Funky Playground

As promised, here is your freebie for this week - a great cluster frame, created for you by Jamie! And just a hint... a little birdie told me there is a new exclusive freebie coming to my Fan page on Facebook soon - make sure to keep an eye out for it! Enjoy and have a great week!

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Special Request Sunday---winner announced!

Hello everyone! Stacy here with another installment of Special Request Sunday. Two weeks ago, Lori asked you to post a comment telling us which Trixie kit you would like to win. We had a lot of entries, and I am pleased to announce that Mr. Random Number Generator has chosen Yanina as this month's winner! Yanina requested Just Like Dad, and I'm sure she will enjoy it very much!

Yanina, please send us your contact info so that Trixie can get your kit to you!
Have a wonderful week, and happy scrapping!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Super Saturday: Show-Offs and Wrap Up!

Happy Saturday Trixie fans! Bree here! I'm currently playing at the Happiest Place on Earth! So it's a short and sweet week! Lets get moving!

This week on the blog has been lots of fun! If you missed out on any of the inspiration, news or challenges, make sure you read below and follow my links!

Sunday Stacey introduced us to Trixie Scraps Fan Dolores! Take a chance to meet her and leave her some love!

Monday Cami showed off Trixie's Product Of The Week! Did you have a chance to pick it up for this stellar price? Make sure you show of your layouts using it in Trixie Scraps Gallery to be shown off in the Saturday Show-offs!

Tuesday Amy gave us some great definitions for all the new {and seasoned} digital scrapbooker! Go brush up on your lingo ladies!

Wednesday Shauna announced the new book we'll be reading as part of our Wordy Wednesday Book of the Month! Make sure you check out her announcement and pick it up so you can join us in one of our chats!

Thursday Carolyn challenged us to use 4 photos or more in one of our layouts! It can get tricky sometimes! So make a layout using Carolyn's instructions, and upload it to Trixie Scraps Gallery to be featured next week in our Saturday Show-offs!

This week we only had a few show offs! Lets see what beautiful memories you've all scrapbooked with Trixie Scraps products!

You can find the kits in these show offs at Trixie Scraps Store or they are also available at Gotta Pixel, Funky Playground Designs or Scrapbook Bytes.

For participating this week you'll be receiving a $3 code to Trixie's Store!

Wanna play along? READ HERE on how to become part of the Saturday Show-Offs!

Thanks for joining me today! Happy Scrapping!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Challenge Thursday

Hi all, Carolyn here to bring you this week's challenge.
I know there are beautiful layouts out there with 1 photo on a page and tons of beautiful decorations, but I want to challenge you to do a page with 4 or more photos. This is often difficult for me as I tend to put them all in a block formation and they are not too exciting. Not that there is anything wrong with blocking, but there are so many different ways to get your photos on the page. I always have tons of photos from vacations and cannot just do one on each page else I will never get them in an album.

Here are a few ideas for you to mix things up a bit:
1) Use a template - Trixie Scraps has tons of fun templates with more than one photo.
2) Scraplift - find a layout with many photos in the gallery that you love and copy the composition.
3) Just start plonking those photos on the page - overlap, make some bigger and smaller, crop some into circles or squares...go crazy! You may just love the result.
Last, but not least, add the papers and elements that will "finish" your layout and give it the look you love. An alpha for the title is fun if you have space too.

Your challenge: create a layout with 4 or more photos using 80% or more Trixie Scraps products.

Here are some templates for inspiration:

And a few layouts from me to inspire you. Feel free to scraplift any of these for the challenge:

Using Owl Always Love You:

Using Oceanside:

Using A Vintage Holiday:

Using City Girl (by Trixie Scraps and Mye De Leon):

Using the Courage, Hope and Strength Fundraising kit:

Using Love My Guy:

From CT Erica, using Cops And Robbers:

Another from Erica, using Icy Days and Through The Week Volume 1:

One from Gail, using Saffron Blues:

Good luck! I cannot wait to see what you create. Remember to place a comment in this thread, linking us to your challenge.

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