Sunday, July 31, 2011

Special Request Sunday

Hey, Trixie Fans, Mary Kate here with this week's Special Request Sunday. This week we would like for you to pick out a favorite color palette and submit it for Trixie to review. Just post a link to your choice in the comments section of this post. If she picks your colors, you win the kit she designs with it! To get a good color palette together, just google "Color Palette Generator" and choose your colors from the generator. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super Saturday: Show Offs, Inspiration and a Wrap Up!

Welcome to another Super Saturday, Trixie Scraps fans! I'm back, and almost recovered from 2 of the longest {and most amazing} weeks this year! So let us get to it!

This week Trixie released her kit Black Tie Event to all her stores! I know we showed off these layouts a couple weeks back, but I'd love to show them off again for those who missed them, or just to give you a good reminder of how beautiful this kit is!

This week has been a lot of fun on the blog! Here is your weekly round up, in case you missed anything!

Sunday Candy spotlighted an amazing Star, Amy! Get to know her better, and see the beautiful layouts she has in Trixie's Gallery!

Monday Beth showed us Trixie's Must have Monday pick for this week! Did you snag it at the awesome price Trixie had it for? It was only on for 5 days! Make sure you keep up with us here on the blog or on Facebook, to make sure you don't miss another Must Have kit at an amazing price!

Tuesday Stacey showed us a trend that she's seeing in the Trixie Scraps Gallery, multi-photo layouts using sepia or black and white photos! She showed off some amazing inspiration!

Wednesday Shauna announced the newest book in Trixie's book club, Girl in Translation! It's a wonderful book by Jean Kwok about two women who move from Hong Kong to New York City! I really enjoyed this book, and I encourage you to pick it up and join us for a book discussion!

Thursday Candy challenged us to use different shapes when scrapping out pictures! Make sure that if you play along, you load your page with Trixie Scraps Products to Trixie Scraps Gallery!

Friday Trixie announced the release of Black Tie Event, and a few other amazing products, to all her stores, she also included a great FREEBIE by the amazing and talented Carrin!

This week we only had a few show off's in Trixie Scraps Gallery! We'd love to see more of your layouts using Trixie's stuff, so make sure to upload yours to the gallery, and we'll show you off next week, and give you a prize! It's that simple!

You can find the kits in these show offs at Trixie Scraps Store or they are also available at Gotta Pixel, Funky Playground Designs or Scrapbook Bytes.

The participants for the above Show-Offs will receive Black Tie Event Element Clusters!

Wanna play along? READ HERE on how to become part of the Saturday Show-Offs!

That's it for me this week! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo Bree

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Feature Friday July 29, 2011 - Black Tie Event and more!

Hi everyone! It seems like ages since I've sat down to write a new release post. That is probably because it's been at least three weeks, maybe more. In case you had not already heard, my father-in-law fell and suffered a severe brain injury early in the month. He has been in the ICU ever since and we are still sitting hospital vigil with him as often as possible, praying for his full recovery. It has left me little time to work... so I apologize for my long absence. I am trying to work a little balance into life again... I'm still in NJ right now, supporting my husband's family as best I can, but I'm also carving out a little bit of time each day to try anf get some work done. We've a long road ahead - your prayers are sincerely appreciated. My father-in-law's name is Marvin.

That all said, let's move on to some happy news, ok? I did finally make some time to put a slew of new goodies into my stores this week and they are all 20% off now through August 4th, so don't miss them while you have a chance to save a little cash! Plus, I may have tucked a freebie in at the end of the post and I think you will love it. Wishing you all a superb weekend filled with hugs from those you love! ** Trixie **

First up this week is my Black Tie Event collection. It's perfect for all the formal events in your life from weddings to the prom and everything in between. The collection includes a full kit and five additional support products, helping you get those pages (and your blog) just right!

Black Tie Event Kit


Black Tie Event Cardstock


Black Tie Event Damask Papers


Black Tie Event Element Clusters


Black Tie Event Quickpages


Black Tie Event Blogwear


I've also got a few individual pieces to show you this week. First, I've got two new products to coordinate with my Great Wilderness Lodge collection. I'm adding some beautiful blogwear and fun new siggy tags.

Great Wilderness Lodge Blogwear


Great Wilderness Lodge Siggy Tags


And, to finish this weeks releases, I'm releasing a previous challenge freebie in my store this week. This fun mini kit coordinates with my Old Glory collab collection and is perfect to scrap all those patriotic pictures you took this month.

Old Glory Mini Kit


Now, how about that freebie! Just click on the image below to get your hands on these beautiful Black Tie coordinating frames. Carrin made these for you and they are just gorgeous - thanks, Carrin! :)


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Challenge Thursday - Picture Shapes

One of the best things about scrapping digital is that we can use layer masks to "cut" our photos into shapes without worrying about losing details that might be important later. That was one thing I struggled with as a paper scrapper - I never wanted to lose those background things like cars, houses, other people, and general details. Now I don't worry because my original picture remains untouched!

When I really want to focus on one person I tend to "cut" the picture into a circle, like this layout made with Oceanside -


For this weeks challenge, show me layouts where you have "cut" your photos into a shape. Upload your page into the Trixie Scraps Gallery and link it up in the comments to be entered into our monthly drawing!

Here's some other example pages from the Trixie Scraps Stars:

By Beth, using Lovey Days and Love Me Some White Space Templates, Vol. 3:

By Stacy, using Owl Always Love You:

By Jennifer, using Fishy Friends:

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all, Shauna here to let you know what book we have selected for August.  I took the suggestion of the very special Bree and picked Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok.  I enjoy reading about different cultures, and I hope you do too.
Here is a synopsis of the book I found on GoodReads.

When Kimberly Chang and her mother emigrate from Hong Kong to Brooklyn squalor, she quickly begins a secret double life: exceptional schoolgirl during the day, Chinatown sweatshop worker in the evenings. Disguising the more difficult truths of her life—the staggering degree of her poverty, the weight of her family’s future resting on her shoulders, her secret love for a factory boy who shares none of her talent or ambition—Kimberly learns to constantly translate not just her language but herself, back and forth, between the worlds she straddles.

Through Kimberly’s story, author Jean Kwok, who also emigrated from Hong Kong as a young girl, brings to the page the lives of countless immigrants who are caught between the pressure to succeed in America, their duty to their family, and their own personal desires, exposing a world we rarely hear about. Written in an indelible voice that dramatizes the tensions of an immigrant girl growing up between two cultures, surrounded by a language and a world only half understood, Girl in Translation is an unforgettable and classic novel of an American immigrant—a moving tale of hardship and triumph, heartbreak and love, and all that gets lost in translation.

The flyer has all the important info on it.

I hope to see at our meeting!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tips, Trends and Techniques Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Stacey here with a trend that I really love, but sometimes don't think about doing to my pages very often. I love on multi-photo pages when there is a mix of color and black and white/sepia pictures! It really makes the page pop in the galleries and helps put a little extra detail into the photos!

I had a quick browse through the Trixie Scraps gallery and found some awesome inspiration from the Scrap Stars, and Trixie herself!

So be sure to try it on a future layout, and don't forget to share it in Trixie's gallery so we can leave you some love, and also help you be a Show Off!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Must Have Monday

I feel like quite the lucky gal today because I get to bring you news of the latest Must Have Monday sale from Trixie Scraps! I love it when I find a good sale on digital goods and it is even better on a Monday, as a little pick me up from the weekend. So if any of you are like me (or just love a great deal any old time!) I am happy to announce that Trixie Scrap's Bedtime Darling Digital Scrapbooking Kit is on sale today only! The sale includes the Bedtime Darling kit, the Bedtime Darling Alphas Pack, the Bedtime Darling Wordart Pack and the add on Gingham Goodness vol 2 that matches the kit perfectly. I simply adore this collection and have personally used it many times to scrap my sleepy kids and this is the perfect time to pick it up for yourself!

Here is some inspiration from the Trixie Scrap Stars CT

Made by Erica

Mady by Cami

Made by Carolyn

Made by Sharon

Made by Tracy

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Spotlight - Scrap Star Amy

Sunday Spotlight - Amy

Hi everyone! New Special Agent Michele here to spotlight Amy who designs layouts for TrixieScraps.


1. When and how did you discover digital scrapbooking?

I discovered digital scrapbooking about 2 1/2 years ago. A friend of mine was doing it, and insisted it was so much better than paper. Eventually I tried it out, and I never went back!

2. When you scrap, do you more often begin with the photos or with a kit or embellishment inspiration?

My photos usually inspire what kits I choose. Sometimes its the theme of the photos, sometimes it's the colors, but usually I let them dictate where I'm going.

3. What are some other things you do when you're not scrapping?

I just started a full time job about a month ago, after being a stay at home mom and then working very part time, so that takes up a lot of my time. When I'm not working I love to read and to write as well.

4. Please share a layout you created using TrixieScraps designs and tell us something about a technique you used.


I LOVE this kit by Trixie, and this photo is so adorable. My friend Charlotte and my daughter on her birthday. This was actually a scraplift, and I loved doing all the layers.

5. Can you choose a favorite layout of yours to share with us?

Just one? I really like this one. Sierra was so proud of her big girl bike: BigGirlBikesmall.jpg

This is another of my favorites:


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super Saturday: Show Offs and a Wrap Up!

Happy Saturday Trixie Scraps Fans!  Jamie B here, I'm filling in for our favorite Star Bree since she is at a wedding!  Trixie is dealing with a family emergency, so she's been unable to get any new releases out. Your prayers are most certainly appreciated, I know it means a lot to Trixie!  Let's take a look at what was happening on the blog this week!

Sunday A winner was announced from July 3rd!

Monday Teri showed us how to make a hybrid card!

Tuesday Carolyn shared a terrific tip on the rule of thirds!

Thursday  I challenged you to do a photoless layout and offered a FREEBIE template!

We've had several admissions to the Trixie Scraps Gallery this week, I can't wait for you to see them!

You can find the kits in these show offs at Trixie Scraps Store or they are also available at Gotta Pixel, Funky Playground Designs or Scrapbook Bytes.

The participants for the above Show-Offs will receive Check your expiration vol. 1

Wanna play along? READ HERE on how to become part of the Saturday Show-Offs!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!

Trixie Scraps Gallery

All Trixie Scraps Designs products can be found in the following online stores:
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/21 Challenge Thursday

Hello there Trixie Scraps Fans!  Jamie B here and it’s time for another Thursday challenge!  Photos are the reason we scrap, right?  How many of us scrap a page without a photo?  As a former paper scrapper, this would never have occurred to me; but as a digi-scrapper, I find myself doing this from time to time.  Sometimes I come across a really great quote that just happens to go with a kit perfectly!  Or, I might have a really important story or moment that I want to record and just can’t find the right photo to go with it.  I have found that these pages have become some of my favorites, they’re well thought out and very meaningful.  I’ve even been known to print out such layouts, frame it and give it as a gift!  Here’s one I did recently using Summer Lovin' and a couple elements from Mr. and Mrs. Mouse and Rejuvenation.

Some of the Trixie Scraps Stars played along too, aren't they fantastic!
by MaryKate using Sunday Afternoon

by Kris using Pigskin Party and Just Journalin' Volume 1 Templates

by Bree using Partini in Paradise

by Carolyn using Oceanside and Just Journalin' Volume 2 Templates

So, my challenge to you this week, is to complete a photoless layout.  Trixie has some fantastic journaling only templates in her stores that might interest you 
Just Journalin' Volume 1

Just Journalin' Volume 2

or I have provided a template for you to use if you like.  

Download HERE

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  And remember to load your layout in theTrixie Scraps Gallery so we can leave you some love!

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