Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Tuesday: Split Design

Hi Trixie Scraps fans! Laina here, with this week's Tips, Trends and Techniques Tuesday post :) I don't know about you but I have been noticing a great trend in the digi world recently.. can you guess what it is? It is a layout design technique that I love and use often... it is split design! I love seeing layouts with a split design because it offers more dimension and color. It also provides a great spot for photos and clusters too :)

Here's a recent layout I made with a split design. I used Trixie Scraps Kit, Fishy Friends:

Trixie Scraps Designs offers some great templates with a split design, like this Template Pack called The Great Divide Vol 1.

Here is some more inspiration for you :) and be sure to try it on a future layout, and don't forget to share it in Trixie's gallery so we can leave you some love, and also help you be a Show Off!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Make It Hybrid Monday: Candy Pencil

As everyone is getting ready to or already heading back in school, it seems like the perfect time to create a quick gift for teachers and students alike to enjoy. Inspired by the many examples in the galleries and blogs, I set out to make some candy pencils and you can too in minutes! I used the Blush Beauty kit as the base of my project but any kit with a pink and yellow patterned paper will work.

Supply list:
- Single packages of Rolos
- Hershey Hugs/ Kisses
- 5 inch x 3 ½ inch strip of yellow cardstock/ patterned paper
- ¾ inch x 3 ½ inch strip and 1 inch square of pink cardstock/ patterned paper
- ½ inch x 3 ½ inch strip of aluminum foil
- Glue Dots
- Decorative Scissors
- Circle punch

Step1: Trim the edge of your yellow cardstock/ patterned paper using your decorative scissors and wrap yellow cardstock/ patterned paper around candy roll

Step 2: Wrap pink cardstock around the top of the candy roll to form eraser

Step 3: Wrap foil strip around the bottom of the pink cardstock to form metal band

Step 4: Punch out circle out of 1 inch square of pink cardstock and adhere to the top of the candy roll

Step 5: Adhere Hershey Hug/ Kiss at the end of candy roll and decorate as desired

To mix it up, I also made a pencil using a roll of Mentos and another patterned paper from the same kit. The possibilities are endless!

If you have created any projects using Trixie Scraps kits, please don't forget to link us up here so that we can leave you some love! Happy crafting and have a great week!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Spotlight

Hey, everyone, Lori here, aka beancounter, bringing you this week's Sunday Spotlight. Before I tell you who it is, I first want to show you the layout I saw in the gallery that really caught my eye, and I knew she was someone I wanted to get to know more about!!

Isn't this great??? For this layout, she used Trixie's gorgeous kit, Black Tie Event which you can find here http://trixiescraps.com/shop/complete-kits/black-tie-event-digital-scrapbooking-kit-wedding-formal-special-event

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Barb, aka bcalberti!!

Tell us a little about yourself including a little interesting fact about yourself:)

I live in Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. Both my husband I were born and raised here and will probably be here the rest of our lives. I've got two kids - my son is 7 and starting 2nd grade and my daughter is 5 and will starting kindergarten this year. They are the reason I digi-scrap, I love to document the day to day stuff of their lives. I work as a Nurse Practitioner helping patient's with end stage renal disease - I'm lucky, I love going to my job in the morning.

Interesting fact - hmmmm..... I'm actually pretty boring - I'll have to think about that. My husband would say that after 40 some years on this earth, why now have I finally started to get into buying shoes, clothes, jewelry, and perfume.

What program do you use to digi-scrap?

I use Photo Shop elements 7. It's the version that was available when I started digi scrapping. I haven't upgraded because I'm still trying to figure out how some of the stuff in version 7 works.

Do you use a Mac or PC and why?

Totally PC - Mac's scare me, just cause I've never used one.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests besides digi-scrapping?

Well, I've got a husband, two kids, and a full-time job - add to that the cleaning, soccer practice, laundry. Hmmm.... My first passion is really quilting. I find it very therapeutic to take beautiful fabric, cut it up into thousands of pieces and then sew them all back together again. I think, like digi scraping - it's the colors that draw me in. I also recently got a Kindle - so I try to keep up with some reading and then maybe a minute or two in the garden. I just got a macro lense from my husband for my birthday, I've been taking close ups of every flower in my yard and trying to get off of just using the automatic settings on my camera.

Why did you decide to start digi-scrapping?

I always wanted to so something with all the pictures I'd taken of my children. Digital was great in that I was able to just snap pictures daily to see them grow and live life. It wasn't until my son started 4K and went on his first field trip that I really figured it was now or never to start.

I never was into paper scrapping - looked cool, but too much physical stuff (remember, I'm a quilter and already have a room of stuff, I didn't need more) and although my friends at worked tried to temp me into the paper world, I just couldn't do it. I saw a program at a local electronic store about digital scrapping. I tried it out, but it was cumbersome and limited. I started searching on-line and found the whole world of digital scrapbooking and I've never looked back.

How long have you been digi-scrapping?

It seems like so much longer, but just over 3 years.

What is your favorite thing about digi-scrapping?

I love everything about digital - but I really love templates, sometimes I'm just not every creative, but when I've got a pattern to follow it gets me going. I also love the ease of journaling. I really didn't journal much in the beginning, but I do much more now. If I look at a photo and I know the story behind the photo then I want to document that for my kids to see when they are older. I also love that I can make one layout, change the pictures and then it is unique to each of my kids. Oh, and there's all the color cropping, editing, coloring, enlarging you can do to your photos.

Seriously, I could just keep going on and on about why I love digi (ask my paper scrapbook friends. I'm constantly trying to convert them). Did I mention that I love how quick and easy it is and clean up is a breeze and at 3 AM when I can't sleep, I get some of my most beautiful layouts done Smiley

I love the friends I've "met" through the digital world and all those I haven't met that inspire me with their beautiful layouts.

What are some elements you can't live without?

templates of course (you should see my template folders). I love staples, paperclips, brads - anything I can use to make it look like I've tacked down a tag or a ribbon. Tags are a must for dating my pages and if I'm using flowers on my page - definitely leaves (drives me nuts when the kit I'm using has no leaves!!!)

Just for fun, if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Alaska - top of my list. Then to Italy.

Doesn't Barb sound like a great person to get to know?? I know I loved learning more about the person behind that beautiful layout! Thanks, Barb, for allowing all of us a little glimpse into your life, and I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous layouts in the gallery:)

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Super Saturday: Show Offs, Inspiration and a Wrap Up!

Hi Trixie Scraps fans! It's Saturday, the official "Kick off the weekend" day! Hooray!! I'm hoping to have some relaxing time this weekend, just hanging out with friends and family! I hope you get to do something you enjoy too!

Last week, North Meets South Studios released August 2011 Templatetopia! Trixie and Connie did an AMAZING job with these templates, and the Stars rocked the layouts too! Lets take a look!

We've had lots of stuff going on here on Trixie's blog, don't worry! We have your round up including tips & tricks, sales, challenges and any FREEBIES that have come by!

Sunday Jennifer did an awesome interview with Trixie & her North Meets South Studio partner, Connie Prince! This is a super fun interview to see how these two great designers started working together!

Monday Stacey announced this weeks "Must Have" kit, Partini in Paradise & coordinating items! Included in the post is an awesome FREEBIE alpha that coordinates with Partini in Paradise! The "Must Have" Sale only lasts Monday through Friday, so if you missed that one, make sure to follow Trixie's blog! We announce them every other Monday!

Tuesday Candy offered up some amazing "Mojo Recovery" steps to get your digi-scrapping back up to speed!

Wednesday Shauna announced that in September we are taking a break from our Book Club, but we still need your help! We are looking for recommendations on what to read in October!! Head over to the post and let us know what you'd love to read next! We'll be voting for the book in September!

Thursday Michele challenged us to use multiple kits in our layouts! This can definitely be a challenge for some of us! So play along! Make sure you upload your layouts to Trixie Scraps Gallery!

Friday Trixie let us know of all the amazing goodies she released this week! There is even a CU FREEBIE at the bottom! So check out the gorgeousness!
Candy also worked her magic and posted a September FREEBIE desktop for you! Don't forget to pretty your computer for next month!

This week we had a lot of wonderful layouts by you, Trixie Scraps Fans! I am so excited to show them off!!

So how do you get involved in the Show Offs? Simply upload your layout using Trixie Scraps products to Trixie Scraps Gallery and I'll put it in next weeks Show Off slideshow! We'll then send you a code via Trixie Scraps Gallery message system for your prize! It's that simple! Make sure you check your messages often, as the prizes do expire! It does take us a week or two to get you your code, so please be patient!

You can find the kits in these show offs at Trixie Scraps Store or they are also available at Gotta Pixel, Funky Playground Designs or Scrapbook Bytes.

The participants for the above Show-Offs will receive All About Me: The Littles Quickpages!

Wanna play along? READ HERE on how to become part of the Saturday Show-Offs!

Well, that's it for me this week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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September Desktop Freebie

September is only a few days away, hopefully bringing cooler temperatures, football, tailgating, and weekends at the lake! Get your desktop all ready for fall with this freebie created with Autumn at the Lake.


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Feature Friday 8/26/11 - New Quickpages, New Commercial Use, plus a CU Freebie!


Hi everyone and Happy Friday! I've had a busy week working on some stuff coming this September - I can't wait to tell you about it! Very excited, but also very nervous, too. It didn't leave me much time for designing this week, so I didn't make as much progress on my next new kit as I'd hoped. But, I do have a few new goodies for you today, including a new pack of Quickpages AND some great new Commercial Use items, as well. Each of these new releases will be 20% off through the end of August and you can find them in each of my stores, too. Plus, don't miss the commercial use freebie I've got for you at the end of this post!

Trixie Scraps Designs can be found at:
Trixie Scraps * Gotta Pixel * My Memories * Scrapbook Bytes * Funky Playground * Polka Dot Plum

First up this week, I have a new set of quickpages made from my All About Me: The Littles collection. That kit was definitely in need of a quick, helpful set of quickpages, right? All About Me: The Littles Quickpages includes six 12x12 quickpages - simply drop in your photos, title/journal and save/print! EASY!


Plus, for this week only, use coupon code AAMfor3 to get the full kit for just $3 when you buy the matching quickpage set, too! That code will work in any one of my stores, so use it at your favorite place to shop!


Also new this week, I have two brand new commercial use products. Choose from either the third volume of my popular Embossing Plates series or the seventh volume of my easy-to-use Pattern Plates series. Plus, both will work together for a cohesive look in your kits! Digiscrappers, snag those embossing plates to add a super cool embossed look to the solid papers in your digi kit stash, too!



Finally, this is my last week as a guest designer at Polka Dot Plum. I've had a great time there and just want to remind you of the super coupon savings I offered, exclusively for my PDP guest store. Don't miss out, this expires at the end of the month!


And now, here is the link to find that freebie I promised - I created a commercial use sampler, especially for those who have never tried any of my CU products. Here's a chance to try them for free! The download includes one Pattern Plate and one coordinating Embossing Plate. Please note, my CU freebies can NOT be used to create freebies for your blog, store or any other online space. They are for items you are creating to sell, only. Just click on the preview below to snag the freebie (note the coupon code for Commercial Use purchases included in the Special TOU document, as well!) With that, I'm going to wish you a fabulous weekend - and for those along the east coast, be careful out there!


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Challenge Thursday: Multiple Kits

Hi everyone! I'm Michele and I have this week's challenge for you. Do you always use one kit for each layout? I like the increased possibilities with using multiple kits. Many times, items from a variety of kits go together well.

Here is a layout I made with four Trixie Scraps kits.
The purple paper, the ricrcac, the string, the leaves, the alpha and the scatter are from Partini In Paradise. The green paper, the wood tab, the sun, and the buttons are from My Summer Garden. To add some sparkle because this is my daughter, the glitter paper is from Defining Me, and from that kit I also got some useful staples and stitches. And last but not least, the wood frame is from Great Wilderness Lodge.

Here are some more examples from the Creative Team.

Stitches from Summer Garden, Frame and Journaling tag from Autumn on the Lake, Ivory paper from Love My Guy, and all other elements from Yuletide

My Lovely Mother, Oceanside, Sunday Afternoon, Distinct Hush (retired)

Girls Day OutLove My GuyDefining MeJust The Basics White Paper PackFamily Ties (retired), Alpha Tiles vol. 1Crackled Characters White Alpha (retired), Nature GirlOld Glory Bonus Alpha

I challenge you to use elements from at least 3 kits to make your next scrapbook page. Post your layout in the Trixie Scraps gallery and link to it here in the comments. Everyone who posts a layout in the gallery is entered in a monthly drawing for a free kit.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

The stars are not meeting for Book Club in September to give everyone time to get adjusted to the new school year. We will be meeting again in October, but before then we need a little help from you. Have you read any good books lately? Has someone recommended a book that you've been dying to read? Well let us know the title and author in the comments here. I'll come back in a week or so and compile a list of the top recommendations and we'll vote on the October book.

We have recently read Girl in Translation, The Friday Night Knitting Club, and The Help, which were all wonderful, but I'm excited to see what ya'll recommend!!!!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tips, Trends, and Techniques Tuesday - Mojo Recovery!

The kids in my area all went back to school yesterday. I am pretty sure I saw several Mom's doing happy dances in the local school parking lot. Whether your kids are back in school or heading back in the next couple of weeks, you need a plan to kickstart that scrapping mojo back into high gear!

Let's face it - summer is great! Lots of activities, playing, vacations, family time... What's not to love? But often, having the kids home means less time to work on your scrapbook pages. Add to that all of the extra pictures from fun summer activities and you may be feeling overwhelmed and behind and like your scrappy mojo has left the building.

We need a mojo-recovery - STAT!

Your Back-to-School Mojo-Recovery Plan -

1. Spend some time with your pictures.

Grab some paper or a notebook and something to write with. Open up whatever program you use to organize your photos. Browse. As you look back on all of those summer memories, jot down the stories and pages that you'd like to make. Maybe a mini-album would be perfect to share your summer, or perhaps you'd like to add a few pages to your 2011 family album? Add all of your project and page ideas to your list.

2. Browse the gallery.

Look around the Trixie Scraps Gallery to get ideas for your pages and look at awesome products in action. When you find a page that you really love make a couple of notes (you still have your paper and pen handy, right?) about the features that stand out. Make an inspiration list. Do you love their photo treatments? Is it the paper that makes your heart sing? Maybe it's the overall design - did they use a template? Maybe a scraplift is in order. Whatever you love, write it down. You can also tag those layouts in the gallery as favorites to refer to later as well.

3. Retail Therapy.

If you haven't been scrapping this summer, then you probably haven't been shopping either! A new kit or two is probably in order. Go back to your inspiration list and look for products that really spoke to you. Head over to the Trixie Scraps store and pick up a couple (or more) of those kits and template packs. Sometimes new products really get the creative juices flowing.

4. Challenge Yourself.

Every Thursday the Scrap Stars post a challenge on the blog. Find a challenge that works for you and you could win a free kit! There's still time to win by participating in the August challenges:
Use textured paper and embossed cardstock
Two Color Layouts
Back to School

5. Get Busy!

You've done all of your prep work. You know what stories you want to tell and what photos you want to feature. You have an inspiration list. You have some awesome new kits to use. You have challenges lined up. What are you waiting for?! Open up your scrapping program of choice and get started!

Be sure to post your new creations in the Trixie Scraps gallery for all of us to admire, and leave us a comment sharing your no-fail mojo-recovery techniques.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Must Have Monday - Partini in Paradise

Happy Monday Trixie Scraps fans! Stacey here with some fabulous deals for this installment of Must Have Monday! This time Trixie has put up her amazing kit, Partini in Paradise as well as the coordinating quickpages, wordart and blogwear on sale! Plus, Carrin has made a coordinating freebie for you (see below)! The sale price is available in each of Trixie's stores, so shop in your favorite place - but hurry, this special only lasts through this Friday.

Just to show how gorgeous this kit is, some eye candy from Scrap Stars Bree and Bethie!

So be sure to take advantage of these amazing deals because they wont last long! Now here's that freebie from Carrin - just click on the image below to download it for yourself and ENJOY!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Spotlight

Welcome to the Sunday Spotlight for August 21. For those of you who don’t know it, our fabulous Tracy of Trixie Scraps Designs is one half of North Meets South Studios (NMSS). In conjunction with her other half, the equally fabulous Connie of Connie Prince Designs, NMSS brings you a wonderful template pack each month along with various other incredible kits like Posh Party, Scouting is For Boys/Girls, Siblings are Friends collection and Charlie‘s Arcade. I thought it might be fun to find out how this fabulous duo came to be!

How did the two of you ‘meet?’
Tracy: I got to know Connie when she came to sell her designs at one of the stores I used to sell my designs in. She was the person who suggested I join the team at Gotta Pixel and we've been close friends ever since!
Connie: Tracy & I met as designers in a store together.

It’s not uncommon for designers to come together to collaborate on a kit once. How/when did you decide to create an ongoing collaboration?
Tracy: After the first time we worked together, we knew two things... we loved working together AND we became fast friends. At that point, we knew we wanted to work together again and it wasn't long before we decided it needed to be an ongoing partnership!
Connie: We decided to do a collab together in 2010! We had so much fun chatting and working together that our friendship developed as well as our professional relationship.

How did you come up with the NMSS name?
Tracy: Well... I'm from the North, Connie is from the South...
Connie: so North Meets South!
Tracy: and our regional differences are one of our favorite things to tease each other about. But, when it comes to designing, we are literally blending who we both are and "meeting" in the middle!

When it comes to designing, what skill/design trait does Tracy/Connie have that you envy?
Tracy: Connie is a MACHINE. I will forever be envious of the speed at which she is capable of working. I could design 80 hours a week and not accomplish as much as Connie can in half that time. I am always envious of her speed demon ninja skills!
Connie: I love Tracy's patterned papers, she does great work with those!

Is there a certain element or paper you HAVE to put in every kit?
Tracy: Probably a plaid paper and flowers/ribbons have to be in just about every kit I make.
Connie: I can't seem to design a kit without a flower and something leafy!

If you were going to take Tracy/Connie on a dream designing retreat, were would you go?
Tracy: CRUISE, baby! We've already talked about how much fun it would be to cruise together!
Connie: Definitely someplace coastal!

What is your favorite NMSS kit?
Tracy: My personal favorite is probably Charlie‘s Arcade - I love how it turned out!
Connie: I really love our Brothers and Sisters collection, those are great kits and very versatile too!

Any hints as to the next collaboration we might see?
Tracy: We have a few ideas on the drawing board but the next collection we're likely to work on together will be a tip of the cap to a famous duo of singing siblings... and I'm not saying any more than that! Wink
Connie: Next up from us will definitely be August Templatetopia!

Thanks, ladies, for giving us some background on North Meets South Studios!! I'm definitely looking forward to more templates, and I hope my guess is right on that next collection!!!

Following are a few pages to inspire you featuring some NMSS designs:

By Mary Kate using Charlie's Arcade:

By Jamie B. using Posh Party:

By Jennifer using My Brother My Pal:

By Jamie B. with Scouting is for Boys:

I can't wait to see what YOU come up with using these fabulous kits! Make sure to share your layouts with us in the Trixie Scraps Gallery!

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