Friday, September 30, 2011

Feature Friday 9/30/11 - Flower Power, new Templates & a freebie


Hello scrappers and HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm telling you, it has been one heck of a long week here in eastern PA. It has been raining a ton and that makes me grumpy for some strange reason! LOL. I hope you've had nicer weather in your part of the world this week (it would not have been hard to accomplish, that is for certain). Enough grumbling from me, though... you're here to see the new goodies I have for you! This week, I'm releasing a couple template packs that were formerly part of August's Templatetopia collection, as well as a mini kit that was formerly part of the August blog train I participated in. If you missed either, now is your chance to grab them (on sale!).

Speaking of sales, I'd be remiss if I did not remind you that today is the last day of my Spotlight September sale (and also the last day you can grab the Featured Designer kit at DST, too)! So, don't miss your last chance this month to snag a bunch of goodies for 30% off. The sale is active in each of my stores - shop in your favorite locale without worrying about finding a better price elsewhere.


And now on to the new stuff! The template packs I included in my August Templatetopia grab bag were a lot of fun to create and I'm pleased to be bringing them to you now as individual packs available for purchase. You can choose from either Greatest Hits 6 (based on four of my very own layouts) or Cool Clusters 2, some fun clustered-up layouts featuring multiple photos and lots of paper stacking. Both packs come in PSD, TIF, PNG and of course PAGE format (for Creative Memories Storybook Creator users).



Also new in the store this week is my Flower Power mini kit. I had a lot of fun with this one, challenging myself to find my inner hippy (which is so NOT me, lol). I love the fun flower patterns and peace symbols and I hope you have a ball scrapping some groovy photos with this mini!


That said, my week was kinda crazy preparing for some upcoming big changes and I lost site of the daily freebies I was sharing the last few days of the month. So, today I'm going to pass on one of the freebies I missed earlier this week. Carrin created a great new quickpage for you from Great Wilderness Lodge, a kit that was spotlighted at Gotta Pixel earlier this week. This quickpage is adorable - I hope you have a lot of fun using it. Click on the preview below to download it and as always, enjoy your weekend!! ** Trixie **


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Challenge Thursday - It's in the Numbers

Happy Thursday Trixie Scraps' fans! I hope you've all been playing along with Trixie's guest CT contest. If not, you still have one more week to go...hopefully, this challenge will help you get your last page done!

For this week's Thursday challenge, I decided to do something a little different. Here's my take on a numbers challenge. I will give you a series of numbers and it's up to you to use those numbers on your page. Clear as mud? Good!

So here are your numbers: 10, 8, 3, 5, 2, 1, 6.

And here's how I broke it down: 10 papers, 8 stars/bursts, 3 photos, 5 lines of journaling, 2 arrows, 1 alpha and 6 buttons. You most certainly don't have to split your numbers up exactly how I did...just use them as your guide and get scrapping! Don't forget to upload your layout to the Trixie Scraps gallery...doing so will enter you in the final week of the CT contest!!!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Credits: Just Like Dad, Riding with Boys and Boy Time Alpha Pack

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - Book Club

And the winner is........ A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz.  I have to say I've very excited that this was the book chosen, although all of them sounded great, something about this one really appealed to me.   Here is the synopsis I posted about it earlier.

A Big Little Life – Dean Koontz
Author Dean Koontz always loved dogs (astute readers know that he populates his thrillers with them), but he didn't fully realize the genius of the species until Trixie came into his life. In ways, this 68-pound golden retriever seemed to manifest Buddha-like virtues: a refreshing lack of vanity and an uncanny knack for living in the here-and-now. Though nominally retired as a Canine Companion service dog, good-natured Trixie continued to perform spontaneous good deeds. For Koontz, her gentle nuzzles were transformative, gradually modulating his workaholic ways down to a healthy balance. The soulful book about a short-lived canine companion might surprise those who have only secondhand acquaintance with Koontz's fiction, but nobody with a heart will leave it disappointed.

What could be more appropriate for us than a book about "Trixie"...hehehe.  The flyer below has all the details on our next meeting, so get your book and let's get reading!!!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monthly Desktop Freebie - October 2011

The new month is almost here! Time to deck out your desktops with a new wallpaper. Luckily, I have a new freebie for ya right HERE. Sizes come in 1280 by 800, 1024 by 768 and 800 by 600 (all in one zip). Happy October!

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Tips Trends Techniques Tuesday - Organizational Tip

Happy Tuesday! Jennifer here with an organizational tip for you. I am a stickler for having my files organized on my computer. Nothing irritates me like knowing I have a great kit, photo, template, etc and not knowing where or how to find it. Today I'm going to share with you a tip I have for organizing your templates.

When I sit down to scrap a page, the first thing I do is go through my photos and decide which ones are going to be used on that page. When I'm done, I have a pretty good idea of how many photos I have to use. So let's say for the page I'm going to do today, I have 5 photos. If I want to use a template, how on earth am I going to find a template with 5 photo openings without spending half an hour searching through my files??

Easy peasy!! Whenever I download a new template set, I copy the preview image into another folder I call Template Previews.

For PC users:

Then, I open the image and tag it with the number of photo openings on each template, ie 2 photos, 3 photos, etc.

For PC users:

For MAC users:
In Finder, on the preview, click the More Info button.

This will open a new window that will allow you to add keywords to the Spotlight Search box.

Now, when I need a template that has 5 photo openings, on my PC I open my Template Preview folder and either search for "5 photos" (note the double quotation marks) or by the Tags header.

MAC users just type the keywords into the spotlight search and your keyworded files will appear.

I can scroll thru my options, decide on the one I want and go to that set to grab my template. Now, I can get to work creating instead of spending time digging through file after file.

I used The Great Divide vol 1 template set and the Fishy Friends kit.

I hope that tip saves you some time and helps you get your templates organized! And don't forget to check out the incredible selection of templates by Trixie Scraps!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Make It Hybrid Monday: Pumpkin Boxes

Welcome to another Make it Hybrid Monday! With the official start of fall on the calendar last week, it got me thinking of fall decorations for the next season. One of my favorite kits for the fall is Carving Up Fun. It has so many fun pieces to it and I wanted to use some of the funny pumpkin faces in my decorating since I think that they are absolutely adorable.

I settled upon making pumpkin boxes that can be used for fall decorations or favor boxes.

- Cube Box template
- Patterned paper/ cardstock
- Paper bag
- Green ribbon
- Glue dots
- Black puffy paint
- Scissors

Using the cube box template and patterned paper/ cardstock, design and assemble the number of pumpkin boxes that you want to decorate. I added puffy paint to the face expressions for some additional texture and dimension to one box and added the pumpkin faces to another.

To create the pumpkin stem, cut off a 2 inch piece from the top of a brown paper bag. Moisten slightly to make the material more pliable and twist the rectangle into the shape of a stem. Attach the stem with glue dots and tie a green ribbon around the stem as your leaves. I also curled some green wired ribbon for stems.

In just a few easy steps, I was all ready for fall! Happy Crafting and if you create any hybrid projects with Trixie Scraps products, please link us up so that we can leave some love.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Spotlight


Hello, Trixie Fans!  Mary Kate here bringing you another Sunday Spotlight.  Today I am featuring one of Trixie's team members, our Hybrid Leader, Sharon!  On a personal note, Sharon is my hero... anyone who does hybrids like she does makes me envious!  Wink  So, without further ado, here is what I asked Sharon:

1. Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Sharon and I'm very lucky to be a part of the Trixie Scraps Hybrid Creative Team. I've been scrapbooking and hoarding scrapbook supplies for over 12 years. A few years ago, I started using Photoshop to edit photos before printing the pictures for my 8.5x11 scrapbooks and then little by little started creating more and more of the layouts on the computer. I love being able to play with both paper and pixels when creating my pages and projects and hope to make a dent in my stash and my list of pages to scrap at some point.

2. How did you find Trixie Scraps?
I first noticed Trixie Scraps' awesome designs in a store that Trixie Scraps sold at that is now defunct and was active in another store that Trixie Scraps also sold in at that time. Bree and Trixie were kind enough to invite me to guest for the team last year and be part of this crazy bunch and the rest is history...

3. What is your favorite TS layout that you have done?
My favorite recent layout uses the Spring in the Meadow kit and the Large and In Charge page templates. I can't help by smile when I see this page:

My favorite recent project uses Great Wilderness Lodge and was a shower gift that I thought that every new parent could understand:

4. When do you scrap?
Weekends are typically my best chance to get anything longer than a 15 minute block of scrapping done. During the week, I try to set up layouts and projects by gathering journalling, embellishments and pictures together so that I can have everything at hand and planned out once I get some time to sit down and scrap during the weekend

5. What inspires your layouts, ie: templates, others galleries, kits, etc?
The Trixie's Scrap Stars are always an amazing source of inspiration to me- their ability to pull together incredibly beautiful layouts every time is awe inspiring sometimes. We're very fortunate to have a designer that constantly creates awesome kits to work with and I always look forward to new releases to see what the team comes up with and what projects can be created with the kit.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Super Saturday: CT Inspiration, Wrap Up, and Show Offs!

Hi Trixie Scraps Fans! Bree here with a fantastic Super Saturday post! This weekend is a busy one for me, just like it's been a busy one here on Trixie Scraps blog! So grab a cup of something warm {it is almost fall anyways} and take a gander at all the beauty I've got for you!

A couple weeks ago Trixie released her newest kit, All About Me: The Tweens. This kit is amazing to scrap pages of your little ones, or your not so little anymore ones. Trixie's Scraps Stars had an fantastic time with this kit, as it was created by suggestion from our very own Carolyn! Lets take a look at the amazing layouts the Stars came up with!

We've had lots of stuff going on here on Trixie's blog, don't worry! We have your round up including tips & tricks, sales, challenges and any FREEBIES that have come by!

Monday Jamie showed us the Must Have it Monday item for the week, Pigskin Party! While this sale is only Monday through Friday every other week, there is a great FREEBIE made by Carrin to coordinate with this weeks kit! Make sure to keep your eyes on the blog to keep track of all the sales, chats, FREEBIES and fun!

Tuesday LoriW came by and gave some great tips on putting Titles on your layouts! There is some great inspiration from the Stars as well!

Wednesday we posted on the blog about the 2nd round of the Trixie Scraps Guest CT contest! We'd love for you to vote on your favorite layout, and then join the rest of the contestants in round 3 for this great opportunity!!

Also on Wednesday night, Trixie held the first ever Speed Scrap! If you were unable to attend, but would still like to create a layout, Trixie posted the instructions for you! You won't receive the participation prize, however, you will be spotlighted next week if you use Trixie Scraps products and upload it to Trixie Scraps Gallery, you'll be given a prize for that! I hope to see some of your amazing layouts!

The Daily Download at Gotta Pixel also started on Wednesday, and while you can only get each piece once, Trixie is featuring a kit each day! On Day 1 she featured Master Chef! Carrin made a coordinating page starter FREEBIE for you!

Thursday Carolyn challenged us to use the amazing flowers Trixie creates and puts in all of her kits! We hope you play along with this challenge, when you use Trixie Scraps products, make sure to upload them to Trixie Scraps Gallery and I'll feature you next week! For Day 2 Trixie spotlighted the kit Indian Summer! Carrin created a coordinating alpha FREEBIE for you!

Friday is release day, and Trixie released the wonderfuly adorable Rescue Me! There is also a FREEBIE quickpage for you that coordinates with the kit Rescue Me! For day 3, Trixie spotlighted the kit Roots and Branches, and gave you a coordinating FREEBIE cluster!

This week we had a wonderful amount of layouts uploaded to Trixie Scraps Gallery! Lets show them off now!
So how do you get involved in the Show Offs? Simply upload your layout using Trixie Scraps
 to Trixie Scraps Gallery and I'll put it in next weeks Show Off slideshow! We'll then send you a code via Trixie Scraps Gallery message system for your prize! It's that simple! Make sure you check your messages often, as the prizes do expire! It does take us a few weeks to get you your code, so please be patient!

You can find the kits in these show offs at Trixie Scraps Store or they are also available at Gotta PixelFunky Playground Designs or Scrapbook Bytes.

The participants for the above Show-Offs will receive All About Me: The Tweens Quickpages!

Wanna play along? READ HERE on how to become part of the Saturday Show-Offs!

Well, that's it for me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Gotta Pixel Daily Download Day 3

Hi everyone! I'm back today to show you the next featured kit, plus remind you to go snag your download at my store at Gotta Pixel and also your freebie here, too! In case you missed it, this is what the Daily Download looks like:

For today, Roots & Branches is the kit in the spotlight! Designed with the family historian in mind, this wonderful collection is perfect for scrapping about your family tree and genealogical history. The full kit contains twelve 12x12 embossed cardstock papers, twelve patterned 12x12 papers, 64 elements, plus a full alpha, too.

And for today, Carrin has helped me out and made a beautiful frame cluster for you that perfectly coordinates with the Roots & Branches kit. Click on the preview below to download - I hope you enjoy this and that you have a great day!

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Feature Friday 9/23/11 - Rescue Me Collection & Freebie


This week I'm releasing my Rescue Me Collection in all my shops. This super cute new collection is perfect for all you dog and cat lovers out there. The collection places a special emphasis on a cause close to my heart - animal rescue! But it's also plenty versatile for all your beloved pet pages. Each of these products can be found at the following stores and each will be 30% off for the rest of the month:

Trixie Scraps * Gotta Pixel * My Memories * Scrapbook Bytes * Funky Playground


Along with the kit, I'm releasing a ton of coordinating goodies to go along with it. Don't forget to nab these, too! I've got the third volume in my Gingham Goodness Paper Pack line, as well as Rescue Me themed Cardstock, Clusters, Quickpages, Blogwear, a Brag Book for Dogs and a Bragbook for Cats, too!

ts_gg3_pp.jpg ts_rescueme_cardstock.jpg ts_rescueme_clusters.jpg

ts_cj_rescueme_qp.jpg ts_rescueme_blog.jpg
ts_rescueme_dogbb.jpg ts_rescueme_catbb.jpg

Want to be inspired? Here's some beautiful layouts from my Scrap Stars to take a look at!


And finally... how about a freebie? I created Quickpages from my own double-page layout with this collection and I'm sharing them with you! Just click on the preview below snag them and enjoy! Have a FANTASTIC weekend! ** Trixie **


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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Challenge Thursday!

Hi all, Carolyn here to bring you your weekly challenge. One thing I admire most about Tracy's kits is her fabulous array of flowers! No matter what the theme of a kit, Tracy usually has some flowers for us to use and enjoy! Most layouts (yes, even the manly ones) could use some flowers and Tracy is so good at creating a variety of fun and whimsical flowers as well as those serious ones with brads and muted colors. Your challenge this week is to focus on these beautiful flowers. Fill your page with their awesomeness.

Here's my layout I created for this challenge, using Templatetopia September 2011 and the fabulous All About Me: The Tweens (love the flowers in this kit!):

And some inspiration and ideas from our awesome Creative Team:

From Jamie, using Blush Beauty:

Also from Jamie, using Just Like Dad:

Love this fun one from Jamie, using Well Suited:

From Bree, using Summer Garden:

Also from Bree, using Posh Party by North Meets South Studios

A sweet one from Bree, using Tea Time with Teddy

Don't forget to upload your layouts into our Trixie Scraps gallery. I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Happy Scrapping!

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