Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Daily - Routines

We all have them - things that we do everyday, without fail. What is interesting about routines is that they change over time, adapting to our needs and desires. Take a minute to consider your routines this year, right now. Is there anything special in your routine because of the holidays?


A photo series of you going through a routine
Document your day from start to finish
Pictures of your creative routine (how do you get ready to scrap?)


Write down your morning or evening routine
Take notes about routines that you share with your children, spouse, or roommates.
Are there any special or unique steps in your routines because of the holidays?

Every day from November 23 until December 31 we’ll have a fun journaling and photo prompt to help jumpstart your creativity and help you complete an album that showcases this very special time of year! See all of our December Daily posts here.

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