Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday with the Stars "I'll be There"


Trixie Scraps has recently released a beautiful kit called "I'll be There."  It was part of the GGI sale at Gotta Pixel.


I love the colors that are in it, they work so well for spring pictures.  The inspirational quote boxes really give this kit an added element with something for everyone.

Here is the layout that I created using I'll be There"


The team did such an amazing job working with this kit.  Here are a few of their layouts.

By Carrin- I love all the white space, and the amazing cluster work that she did.

By Stacey- Her journaling tells such a sweet story.  I love the way that she used ribbon to create a frame.

By Stacy- I adore that BIG photo. I love her paper shapes and the way she layered them with the elements.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

May 2012 Desktop Freebie

Happy Friday Trixie Scraps Fans!  Can you believe that May is just around the corner!  It's so hard to believe that we are almost in the 5th month of the year!  Since it's so close to the end of the month, that means it's time for your monthly desktop freebie!  I used one of Trixie's recent releases Blue Skies Ahead.  I hope you like it!


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Challenge Thursday: Recipe Challenge!

Happy Thursday Trixie Scraps fans!  Stacey here with a recipe challenge for you!  One thing I love doing is really filling up my layouts by using big photos, titles and lots of papers on my pages, so I have created an awesome recipe for you to incorporate that!  I left the rest of it really basic so if you wanted to use 6 different flowers, or all the same, you can!

4 solid papers & 3 patterned papers (use them however you'd like)
1 big photo
big title using atleast 2 of the following (font, alpha, word art, word strips)
6 flowers
3 buttons
4 ribbons/string/bows/ricrac
3 pieces of foliage
journaling (even if it's just a few lines)

and my page made with Trixie Scraps All About Me: The Littles

Bree and Shauna both played along, making these gorgeous pages using I'll Be There by Trixie Scraps!

from Bree:

and from Shauna:

I love how different all of our pages turned out!  We'd love to see what you come up with, so be sure to upload your page to the Trixie Scraps gallery and also win a prize!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Wrap-Up - We Love Soccer!

Greetings Trixie Scraps fans! It's time for another weekly round-up of happenings on the blog!

Last Thursday, Jennifer issued a great photo challenge - scrapping photos that don't show faces. Take a look at maybe re-examine some pictures that you otherwise might not scrap!

Friday brought tons of new release information and an adorable freebie to coordinate with We Love Soccer!


Laina took us on a gallery tour of We Love Soccer Layouts in Saturday with the Stars. Be sure to check out this post for all sorts of inspiration!

We shone the spotlight on Jackie in the Sunday Spotlight. I love learning more about all of you, so be sure to check out your fellow scrapper and post in the gallery so maybe you'll get a shot at the spotlight too!


Be sure to check out the super cute tea light cake craft from Make It Hybrid Monday! These would be excellent party favors or little gifts!

Tips, Trends, and Technique Tuesday brought us all an important reminder about backing up your files! Be sure to give it a read to find out more about this important habit for digi-scrappers.

National Scrapbook Day is just around the corner, so stay tuned for fun and games here at the blog all weekend long May 4-6!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TTT - Importance of Backing Up Your Files

Hi! It's Melinda welcoming you to another Tips, Trends and Techniques Tuesday!  Today's post is a tip --a reminder for all of us about backing up our files.  I've been digital scrap-booking now for about six years, and I've read so many stories over the years of people who have lost everything -- referring to everything on their computers, of course.  The story can start so many ways -- deleting the wrong file or folders by accident and being unable to get it back, having a hard drive crash, a power surge, and the list goes on -- but it always has the same ending -- everything is gone! 

What can you do to prevent this from happening to you?  Back up your files. Per, the definition of back-up as it pertains to computers is: "a copy or duplicate version, especially of a file, program, or entire computer system, retained for use in the event that the original is in some way rendered unusable."

There are a lot of ways to back-up files - several of which I have tried, and I will share a few of them for you here.  You need to choose the way that works best for you.

1. Copy your files to CDs or DVDs.  This is an adequate way to back up files, but it has limitations.  Depending on the size of your computer's hard drive, you might need to purchase a LOT of CDs to back up all of your data.  Backing up by CDs or DVDs means you need to carefully keep track of your discs, labeling them and finding a safe place to store them.  Using this method, you must also keep backing up your files regularly, or you will only have your files backed up to the point of your last back-up.  You also need to find a way to track which files have already been backed up, or which need to be backed up.  This can be a cumbersome system, and it is very easy to miss backing up files.  This also does not necessarily back up your software -- the programs you use on your computer.  You will need to keep all of your installation disks in a safe place as well, as well as any activation keys/codes for those programs so that you are able to re-install them, if needed.  Another draw-back is that your CDs/DVDs and all of the files on them become useless if the disc gets scratched!  Keeping your discs safe is extremely important using this method.

2. Keep another hard-drive -- possibly an external hard drive -- that you copy all of your files on so that you have a duplicate.  This method works for files and folders.  It may or may not work for programs.  Again, you have to keep track of which files need to be copied over to the other hard-drive, unless you have some sort of program which does it for you automatically.  I am not sure if such a thing exists, but it might.  If something happens and they both crash, you are still out all of your files.  A power surge could easily cause this sort of scenario.

3. Use an online back-up service -- I personally use an online back-up service that for an annual fee automatically backs up my files and folders online.  In the event that my computer stops working for any reason, I can access my files from the same or another computer by logging in to the site with my username and password, and then choosing either a full restore, or I can select to restore certain files if only some files have been lost.  I have had to do a full restore twice.  Once when my old computer was dying and I switched to a brand new computer.  I simply signed on through my new computer, and started a full restore.  In a matter of days (because I have a large, rather full hard drive), I had all of my files and folders transferred to the new computer.  The second time was when my new computer's mother board and hard-drive failed at the same time.  They installed a new hard-drive and mother board in my computer, and I had to start completely over again.  I signed in, started a full restore, and again -- in a few days had almost everything back (minus my emails, email contacts, and software, including actions and plug-ins for my software -- because of the service I chose).

With online back-up services, you do need to do your research before choosing one.  Make sure the company has a good reputation and that it has been around a while.  Talk to your friends -- especially other digital scrap-bookers -- to see what they are using, how it works for them, and whether they've had any problems.  They will be happy to share their experiences with you!  Then pick one or two reputable services and compare them.  Do they back-up automatically?  When does the program run?  Does it back-up constantly, or will it pause while you are using the Internet, and pick up with the back-up when the computer is idle?  Does it let you change these settings to meet your needs?  How often do you have to pay for it?  If you have to pay for it monthly, does your data get dumped immediately if your payment is missed?  Are you able to back up more than one computer with the same service?  Will it back up an external hard-drive, if you have one?  Will it back-up software, or only files and folders?  All of these things, and probably more, need to be considered when choosing an online back-up service. 

The loss of your files can be a crushing thing.  If you have digital photos, they could span years!  And if you are like me and don't print as often as you should, the digital files may be all you have.  You also, like me, may have invested quite a bit of money in the digital scrap-booking kits that we all covet.  And those can be gone just as quickly as the photos.  Backing up your files is a sound investment in your memories and memory-making. 

Tip of the week:  save yourself heartache and back up your files!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Make It Hybrid Monday- Tealight Cake

Looking for an easy present to celebrate a birthday? The beautiful patterns in one of Trixie Scraps' newest kits, I'll Be There, are perfect to creating a quick and simple birthday cake in minutes.

Supplies needed:
- Battery-operated tealight
- 5 inch x .75 inch piece of patterned paper
- 2 pieces of 2 inch square piece of cardstock or patterned paper
- Scallop circle punch or scallop circle die
- Adhesive

First, adhere the 5” x 3/4” strip of patterned paper around the side of the tealight. I used double sided tape and glue dots to secure the paper

Second, punch two scallop circles using your punch or diecut. In the center of one of the scallop circles, mark the center and cut four intersecting lines through the center to create the top of the cake.

Third, apply glue to the top surface of the tealight and press the top of your cake over the flame into the adhesive. Fold the scalloped edges down over the side of the cake. Add the second scallop circle at the bottom of your tealight to create a cake plate and embellish your new cake

Hope that this inspires you to create some yummy simple cakes to celebrate some upcoming birthdays. Happy crafting!!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Spotlight - Jackie {jsmith84}

As I was cruising the Trixie Scraps Gallery recently I noticed several pages that really caught my eye, so thought I would track down the creator, Jackie (aka jsmith84), and find out a little more about her.
I mean, check out this page -


I really loved the split page design turned on its side!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jackie, I'm 27 years old and was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I recently relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I live here with my boyfriend.  No kids, no pets.  I have a degree in Biological Engineering, but am currently searching for a job, since I left my last one to move here.

Wow! Moving is tough! Good luck in your job search, too. That sounds like a really interesting field to work in!

So, how did you get into digi?

I have been on the internet a lot lately hunting for a job.  I honestly can't remember what I was searching for, but I stumbled upon a digital scrapbooking forum.  I'd had Photoshop Elements 10 installed on my computer for a while but hadn't used it, so I downloaded a few freebies and started playing around with them.  I was instantly hooked!  This was at the beginning of February of this year, so I have only been at it for 3 months and still have lots to learn.

Only 3 months! No way! I totally couldn't tell you were new looking at your pages. How did you find Trixie Scraps?

I found Trixie Scraps through her store on Gotta Pixel.

And, what is your favorite Trixie kit?

I would have to say Defining Me.  I absolutely love the colours of this kit.  The turquoise is my favorite colour, so it grabbed my attention immediately.  I am currently using it as one of the main kits in an album I am scrapping about a trip I took to Europe a few years ago.

Oh, I love doing trip albums, it really helps extend the fun of a trip as you relive those memories. Can you tell us something fun or unique about yourself?

That's a toughie.  Ok something fun:  I volunteer for an organization called Destination Imagination.  It is a non-profit organization that provides programming for students from kindergarten through university that promotes the development of creativity, teamwork, and problem solving skills.  I participated in the program for 7 years as a kid, and then began volunteering when I graduated from high school.  It is amazing the things that kids can come up with and accomplish themselves.

That's awesome! I love to hear about people that give back to their communities. So, what do you like to scrap about?

Well, I may not have kids, but I have a very large extended family.  I really enjoy scrapping photos from family events.

You are so lucky to have a large extended family. I bet those pictures will keep you busy! I am interested though, to know where you find your inspiration?

I'm usually inspired by a combination of things.  Most often though, I think it is that a particular kit just grabs my attention and I NEED to use it.  I also really enjoy scouting out different galleries for inspiration.

Oh boy do I know about NEEDING to scrap. It's finding the time that I struggle with! So, when do you scrap?

Right now, I am out of work, so I have the luxury of scrapping whenever I want to.  It will become an evening indulgence once I am working though.  We don't have cable, so that frees up lots of time for creative endeavours.

Wow, no cable huh? I usually scrap with the TV running... So, what do you listen to while you scrap?

I like background noise, but often have a hard time settling on what music to put on, so I usually let a movie run in the background as my white noise.

I hear you on the music issue. That's what keeps me scrapping to TV. What is the one design/scrapping tool you couldn't do without?

I love templates.  Especially since I am a fairly new digi scrapper, they are helping me develop my composition and clustering skills by leaps and bounds. Sometimes I just use them for inspiration, other times, especially when I need to just get a layout done quickly, I will actually use a template as is and clip my papers and elements to it.

Templates are one of my all-time favorite digital tools! So, what's your favorite TS layout?

My favorite Trixie Scraps layout that I have done is Long Haired Ladies -


The photo is of my sister and I and two of our cousins, and it was taken the day before I moved across the country.  I don't get to see them very often anymore, so it's nice to have a recent photo of us together.  Plus it uses my favorite TS kit.

Look at all that LONG hair! I am so jealous! Mine never gets that long!

Moving on to non-digital pastimes - what's the name of the last book you read?

The last one I finished was Mockingjay.  I am currently in the middle of A Clash of Kings.  I love science fiction and fantasy, but will read anything really.  I got an e-reader about a year and a half ago, and it just feeds my reading addiction.

Ah, The Hunger Games Trilogy. A lot of the Trixie Scraps Stars were all abuzz both when Mockingjay came out and then again with the movie release!

It's getting to be time to wrap up, but I have one last question - if you could have dinner with anyone, famous or not, living or dead, real or fiction, who would it be and why?

Well, having just moved across the country this year, I have truly come to appreciate my family, and how close we all are.  The best dinner company I can think of right now would be all of them at a big pot luck like we always have.  Hopefully I'll get back to visit them this summer.

Oh, I hope you do! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself with all of the Trixie Scraps readers this month!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday with the Stars - We Love Soccer!


Happy Saturday everyone! Laina here, to show off some of our great CT inspiration for one of my newest favorite kits from Trixie. One of my favorite releases this month has got to be We Love Soccer! I just love the bright bold colors and the use of both pinks and blues so no matter what gender your soccer cutie is, you can use this kit to scrap their photos.

The CT girls did some amazing layouts with this kit!! Here's some of my favorites: Carin's layouts are always unique and this one is no exception. I love the off-centered split design and her diagonal clustering is too perfect!

Shauna's pink and green layout also features a split design but look at all those fabulous clusters behind the pink background papers! I love how she sneaked in those soccer balls too!

Jamie managed to do a 2-pager layout and I really love what she has done here. The photo arrangements are perfect and she clustered some flowery elements together, but still managed to keep it really sports oriented.



I love the boldness in Lori's layout! She choose a bold background but added simplicity by only grouping a few elements together around the photo arrangement.

Bree, our fabulous CT leader scrapped an adorable soccer layout as well! I love the fact that she choose a photo with a different perspective and really showcased it beautifully with her layering and element placement!

That's it for today's Saturday with the Stars! We hope you were inspired and we'll see you next week!

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New Releases for April 20, 2012

Hi everyone! Long time no "new release" post. I'm sorry about that! My brother's wedding festivities just about kicked my butt this month. I was running like a crazy headless chicken and just couldn't get to all the things I needed to get done. So, my apologies! My post today will catch you up on this week's releases, as well as a few of the other recent releases I didn't adequately inform everyone about. Before I get into that, though... a little bit of a personal show-and-tell, for those that are curious! My brother's wedding was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a BLAST! It was the perfect way in which to send my brother and his new wife, Dana, into their married life together! My husband and I were both in the wedding... here's a picture of the four of us together... it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Now on to the new releases... this week, I've packaged up my Gotta Grab It and Grab-a-Byte collections, added a few new pieces and released everything in all my stores.  Everything is 30% off through this next week in each store, so you can get the best price in your favorite place to shop Smiley Links to each store can be found in the signature below.

First up, check out my "I'll Be There" collection - a soft, pretty, slightly shabby collection designed to help you tell the special people in your life just how much you love them and will always be there for them.  The collection includes the full kit, coordinating cardstock and glitter papers, some beautiful element clusters and a coordinating set of quickpages, too!

Also new this week is my "We Love Soccer" collection - I just love sports-themed kits because I know they are useful for so many of you moms out there! I made sure to make this collection in colors that will work well for either boys or girls, and it's not too "cutesy," so you can use it for photos of young children, tweens and teenagers, too! The collection includes the full kit, coordinating cardstock and sunburst pattern papers, matching element clusters, coordinating quickpages, and a great set of word snippets, as well.

Finally, don't miss these other recent releases, too! My latest collab with Connie Prince, "Make a Difference," is still on sale for a limited time - and perfectly timed for all the Earth Day photos you may have taken! Also, this month's Templatetopia collection will only be available for another 10 days or so. Make sure not to miss it!

Last week, I also released three new coordinating products for my Blue Skies Ahead collection - here's a look at those, as well!

I have a super cute freebie for you today, too!! Carrin made this amazing alpha to coordinate with "We Love Soccer" - I think it will be the perfect addition to your pages and will mix-and-match with the kit alpha for super cute results! Just click the preview below to download it and have a GREAT weekend!

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